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Racial Injustice on Streaming | Quarantine Guide

As protests against racial injustice and police brutality dominate the nation, we offer some movies and TV shows that take a look at the very same issues.

Complete Guide to Movies | June 2020

Spike Lee, Kenneth Branagh, and Judd Apatow all have high-profile efforts coming to streaming and VOD in June, including a potential awards contender.

Complete Guide to Comics | June 2020

After, let's be honest... too long, comics are back.

Complete Guide To Streaming | June 2020

With so many great new series hitting streaming services this month, it's almost enough to make you forget everything going on outside your house.

The X-Universe Lives On! | Nerd Numbers

Sharks, super heroes, and Star Trek in this week's Nerd Numbers rundown.

Mischief Managed | Perfect Sims Challenge | Episode 3

Frunth Lom takes one step closer to perfection as he reaches Level 10 in mischief and achieves his dreams.

This Month's Complete Guide

Complete Guide to Movies | June 2020

Spike Lee, Kenneth Branagh, and Judd Apatow all have high-profile efforts coming to streaming and VOD in June, including a potential awards contender.

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DC Comics on HBO Max | Quarantine Guide

With the launch of HBO Max and news of the upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut, we take a look at some of the DC Comics offerings on the streaming platform.

Getting Wet and Wild With ‘Maneater’ | Review

This game has big shark energy.

NIHW 81: Oscars, Batwoman, and The Snyder Cut

In this week's episode of the podcast we talk about TikTok, Legally Blonde 3, and the new Tom Hanks movie Greyhound. Plus the week's biggest nerdy news stories.

Don’t Mess with Nintendo | Nerd Numbers

Nintendo lawsuits, Tenet on Fortnite, and the Snyder Cut are just some of the nerdy numbers on display this week.

The Lovebirds is funny but forgettable | Review

Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae are great together in The Lovebirds, which is amusing but ultimately doesn't live up to the promise of its potential.

Romance? Comedy? Why not both? | Quarantine Guide

This week, we take a look at the best romantic comedies available on streaming platforms, including Netflix's new release: The Lovebirds.

NIHW 80: Sandman, HBO Max, and VOD Sales

This week on the podcast: We discuss Russell Crowe's new movie Unhinged reopening the box office, Disney World's possible reopening, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater's rerelease....

How Many Screens? | Nerd Numbers

From May 11 to May 17, 20208,000 Screens Solstice Studios wants to release their film Unhinged starring Russell Crowe on July 1 so it can...

Complete Guide to Movies | May 2020

From gangsters to lovebirds, and superheroes to Scooby-Dooby-Doo, the month of May offers plenty of at-home options to get you through quarantine!

‘Extraction’ is a brutally violent action flick from Netflix | Review

Chris Hemsworth leads a solid action movie from Netflix, which delivers brutal violence and thrilling chases in equal measure.

Some solutions for your sports withdrawal | Quarantine Guide

Sports on your mind? This week's Quarantine Guide is chock full of sports-related content to get you through these non-sports times!

NIHW 78: Dune, AMC Bankruptcy, and Quarantine Games

We love you. Wash your hands.

Luigi’s Mansion Is The Perfect Quarantine Game

You're alone. You're scared. And you're cleaning obsessively. Luigi knows how you feel.

HBO’s “Atlanta’s Missing & Murdered” turns focus toward manhunt, Williams | Recap

The HBO docuseries' third episode focuses on the manhunt for Wayne Williams and his eventual arrest as we see the case's more procedural aspects.

What’s free on premium streaming services | Quarantine Guide

We've got movies, shows, and games for you to watch and play as Quarantine 2020 rages on.

‘Atlanta’s Missing & Murdered’ continues focus on victims | Recap

The HBO docuseries continues to focus on the victims and their families -- and that's a good thing.