From August 17 to August 23, 2020

7 DC Videos at Fandome

Last Saturday DC Comics and Warner Bros. hosted their first ever Fandome event: a virtual convention for DC project announcements and updates. The convention saw the release of 2 video game reveal trailers, 3 film teasers, 1 film sneak peak, and 1 movie trailer. General reception to the event has been positive which makes me wonder if next year Warner Bros. will forgo San Diego Comic-Con and instead just hold another virtual convention. [The Verge]

Our editor Ryley Trahan is working on a detailed write up of the Fandome event, so check back soon for his summary of everythinbg new coming from DC. Trust me you would rather hear it from him than from me, he knows DC stuff way better than I do.

7 DC Videos at Fandome

A while back the nerdiest corners of the internet were abuzz after rumors arose that Micheal Keaton would be returning to his role as the caped crusader in the upcoming dimension hopping Flash movie. Now the hearts of the fans of the caped crusader are ablaze again with news that will also be in the film as the batman in the Flash’s native universe; this is especially surprising because Ben Affleck had personally stated on multiple occasions he was done with the role. [Vanity Fair]

Now the rumor mill is working double time to try to figure out which other past batmen might get pulled into the ballooning movie. Christian Bale is frequently thrown into the discussion ring and a large group of fans would be tickled pink if George Clooney showed up. I am curious to how far reaching they are willing to go with the deminsion hopping premise. To me it feels like they are just chasing the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseĀ and last time they copy cat chased success it did not work out as well as they had hoped.

14 Highlighted Games

Tuesday Nintendo had another digital event: one of their Indie World Showcases. The showcase included multiple same day releases. Some of the games that caused the most excitement included Spiritfarer, A Short Hike, and free Untitled Goose Game two player DLC. In September we’ll all be able to honk at digital townsfolk in unison with our closest friends and family. [IGN]

Not even a week had gone by before industry insiders began to leak the date and time for the next Nintendo showcase. This next one is supposedly coming this Friday August 28th and will be a full classic style direct. I am a little more than skeptical, Nintendo has more or less said they are done with their typical direct format and since it has been nearly a year since their last “normal” direct I feel it is wise to take their word for it. I am willing to trust there will be a short digital reveal event this week, but to expect it to be longer than 20 minutes and providing details about multiple Nintendo in house projects from multiple franchises sounds to be a recipe for disappointment.