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From July 27 to August 2, 2020

30 Year Old Code Leaked (& Older)

The nerve of the Nintendo fandom has been struck. Last week began with “Gigaleak” a massive leak of Nintendo data and assets from the SNES, N64 and Nintendo DS eras of gaming. Over the past week technically talented fans have been pouring through the leaked information trying to find the interesting kernels to share. There have been countless discoveries: Alpha Pokémon sprites from the Pokémon DS games, a SNES mario model with wings, a Star Fox text editor, unused enemies from numerous games, 3D environments for Mario Kart Super Circuit, Toad smoking a cigarette, even a Super FX model of an early 3D Link. Perhaps two of the discoveries that have had the largest reaction among fans are sprite animations of Mario punching Yoshi to get the dinosaur to breath fire in pain and of Luigi giving the player the middle finger. [The Verge]

This leak has proven to be a treasure trove of information and will go a long way towards documenting the process of game development over the leaked periods. Game preservation and history is difficult for a variety of reasons and this leak will go a long way towards combating those difficulties. That being said, the leaked info was clearly stolen from Nintendo which puts this entire project in a strange legal situation. The people combing through the files are not the ones that committed the crime, but they are working with stolen intellectual property. In my opinion given the leaked data is from bygone eras I support its investigation and documentation; we would never see so many of these things without something like this. I do not condone the stealing of IP though and I wish Nintendo and other game development groups would share their old assets with the public more regularly.

17 Day Theatrical Window

A few months after Universal threatened theaters they would begin releasing their movies on Video on Demand (VOD) the same time they premiered in Theaters a new deal has been struck. AMC and Universal have agreed to a new shorter than ever theatrical window that Universal will honor before releasing their new films VOD. It is suspected that as a part of the deal AMC will receive 10% of VOD rental sales. Perhaps the most controversial part of this deal is that the films will be exclusive to AMC during that 2 week 3 weekend window. Small theater owners feel betrayed by AMC and are worried this could be the death blow to their small businesses. [Hollywood Reporter]

This deal seems like a no brainer for AMC. The company was recently reported to be near bankruptcy and not only does this deal likely save them from that but it also hurts their competitors booth big and small. I do not particularly like the deal, but I am a part of the problem as I seldom go to the movie theater. Perhaps I should feel guilty. At the same time I am even less likely to watch a new movie VOD.

$64,893,248 on August 5th 2016

Academy Award winner Suicide Squad holds the record for the highest single day gross in August. It also holds the 2nd place and 5th place records for the following days August 6th and 7th respectively. The third and fourth positions are held by the oft compared to Guardians of the Galaxy that came out 2 years prior. Interestingly enough Guardians of the Galaxy is the highest grossing film to be released in August despite Suicide Squad holding those single day records. [The Numbers]

I always jump at the opportunity to remind people that the abomination of a film Suicide Squad is an Academy Award winner.

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