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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap | ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

Our heroes don't escape the Framework unscathed.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. | Episode 20 | ‘Farewell Cruel World!’ | Aired May 2nd, 2017

In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (AoS) ‘Farewell Cruel World!’, our heroes finally make their way to the back door of the framework. It was an alright episode, but it wasn’t my favorite from the Agents of Hydra-Arc.

“We can’t save Fitz.”

Fitz takes front and center this episode. Even when he isn’t in a scene, his presence is felt. Early in the episode Daisy tells Jemma, they can’t save him at least not yet and that they need to get everyone else out first. Of course, Jemma can’t accept this and attempts to use Fitz’s father as a hostage so she can talk to him, thinking she can convince him to leave with them, Her plan fails miserably, and she kills Papa Fitz- making her lover harbor, even more, hatred towards her.

When they do finally meet up at the back door of the framework, Simmons has no power to convince Fitz to trust her. He commands her to kneel so he can kill her execution style when he refuses he shoots her in the leg forcing her to her knees.

Before he can kill her Radcliffe knocks The Doctor out and throws him through the back door. The evil man once again seems to be haunted by his sins and seeks redemption even though he knows he is already dead.

Waking in the real world, we witness a self-loathing Fitz. He cannot believe all the people he killed, including the not fake Agnes and the not fake Jeffery Mace. Director Coulson tries to comfort him, without much success, when Aida with a real body walks in.

Fitz, apparently still sorting out what memories are from reality and what are from the framework, walks with cautious love towards his Ophelia who grabs him and teleports them away. Yes you read that correctly, Aida didn’t just make herself a body, she made herself a body with power.

“The world could use a new Patriot.”

We seemingly say goodbye to Trip this episode. He has some lively exchanges with Daisy throughout the episode that wouldn’t be given justice here, but are an enjoyable part of the episode. Agent Tripplet appears to be slightly disappointed when he doesn’t get to go with his new friends into the rumored “real world.”

Daisy gives him a short pep-talk about taking a leadership role as the new Patriot in Director Mace’s place to lead the Framework’s revolution against Hydra. It was a fine goodbye, but I don’t think it is the last we have seen on the suave agent.

During Daisy’s pep-talk she mentions how Ward needs Trip, which only drew attention to the fact that Grant Ward was absent from the episode. It seems his guest starring stint is over.

Many fans are hopeful that one of these two would be brought back with Aida’s life-making machine, but the producers of the show have hinted that this is unlikely. To me Ward’s absence this week further confirms that he will not be returning anytime soon.

“I don’t want to live in a world without Hope.”

I alluded to our heroes escaping the framework above, but that isn’t entirely correct. Agent Mackenzie refused to go through the backdoor to leave the Framework after he learned his daughter doesn’t exist in that world. It is a touching moment, especially since at that point he knows he is living in a digital world.

I also found the word play provided by his daughter’s name poignant; his teammates would argue that the world with Hope, the girl, is nearly devoid of hope, the concept. I would say that the Framework has a more conceptual concern as well, at least until you remember it is all a simulation. With the wins in the Framework, the exits of Madame Hydra and The Doctor, and the fact S.H.I.E.L.D. is either under attack or in the control of Aida’s Android army in the real world all prop up that hope.

In my opinion, there are two major takeaways from Mack staying behind. The more obvious of the two is that they still need to find a way to get him out. If they can get Fitz back, I am confident he can safely unplug him. We might get to see more of the Framework story line through his eyes, which potentially means more Ward and more Trip.

A unique takeaway is that Daisy was an idiot for not lying to Mack so that he would go through. I am pretty sure real Mack would’ve understood. I might be mistaken though, as I pointed out a couple of weeks ago Mack’s Framework life is closest to what Dr. Radcliffe was trying to create for everyone, maybe he would’ve wished he had stayed behind.

I am going to miss the Framework and its straightforward yet unusual narrative. Next week we return to the multiple complex storylines they left when leaving reality. They have to deal with who know how many L.M.D.s, the Watchdogs, a decimated base, a needy US government, and the list goes on. Just thinking about it all I get a little overwhelmed. Which of the future stories are you looking forward to seeing get wrapped up? Be sure to let us know on Twitter by tweeting us @nerditherefirst.

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