All Wall Must Fall, the new project on Kickstarter from game development studio inbetweengames is a massive undertaking. The game seeks to tie together the legacies of games as disparate as X-Com, SyndicateBraid, and Superhot. For those keeping score at home that’s a real time strategy game, two first-person shooters, and a sidescrolling platformer. The one thing those games all definitely had in common though was the fact that they were great, great games. And by taking some of the most exciting elements from all of them, All Walls Must Fall is poised to be a great game too.

The game takes place in a version of the year 2089 where the Cold War never ended. Both sides of the war have started to use time controlling technology to try and subvert each other’s actions. But things get turned upside down when a nuclear strike forces everyone back in time to try and stop it from happening.

The player plays as secret agent cycling through the same night in Berlin over and over again. The campaign is currently planned to take players throughout Eastern Berlin, but there are stretch goals in place that could double that map size, adding in West Berlin as well. Whether the plan grows or not, the unique gameplay and the different ways to advance through the levels are more than enough to give the game a massive replay value.

The game seems like an absolute blast. The ability to manipulate time inside of a real-time strategy game is something I don’t remember seeing anywhere before. On top of that, all of the action in the game takes place on the beat of the music playing in the clubs where the missions take place. These two things separate this game from the pack, making it stand out as a well-constructed work of art, above the many fantastic indie games we’ve seen recently.

The Kickstarter campaign for All Walls Must Fall is currently going on here. Do not miss out on your opportunity to invest in this game. It seems poised to be one of the best indie games of the year. If you like unique gameplay, compelling storytelling, or dystopian futures, this game will be perfect for you. Check it out before the campaign ends.