Every year here at Nerd It Here First we try to predict the winners of the Academy Awards. And every year we invite our readers to compete against us in trying to predict who will win. With only 23 categories this year it could be easier than ever to predict all of them. So click the link below and see if you can predict more categories correctly than any of us here at NIHF.com and make sure to follow us @nerditherefirst to get live updates Sunday night with how you are doing!

Oscar Prediction Competition Link!

But that’s not all! If you usually feel lost making your oscar guesses and predictions we have your back. This year our partner Tanner has made two YouTube videos to help you out. And we won’t blame you if you watch the videos at double speed or if you skip around and only watch the parts you need help with. The first video explains what is being judged in each category and the second video provides some insight into each Oscar race.

Explaining All 23 Academy Award Categories!

Guide to Predicting the 2021 Oscar Winners!