The Old Guard is a solid Netflix comic book movie | Review

Netflix's latest original movie is an R-rated comic book actioner with a loaded cast and some good action. As a potential franchise starter, it's solid.

Getting Wet and Wild With ‘Maneater’ | Review

This game has big shark energy.

‘Extraction’ is a brutally violent action flick from Netflix | Review

Chris Hemsworth leads a solid action movie from Netflix, which delivers brutal violence and thrilling chases in equal measure.

‘Tigertail’ is a moving film about cultural, generational divides | Review

Alan Yang's Tigertail is a well-made character study of a man who left home behind to make a life for himself in America.

Stasis | Tales From the Loop Recap

“Stasis,” is about who we want to be. The first two episodes are about how people change. “Stasis” is about the human desire to stay the same.

Transpose | Tales From the Loop Recap

In its second episode Tales From the Loop has opened up the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

The Loop | Tales From the Loop Recap

The mind-bending premiere of Amazon's new sci-fi series brings more questions than answers.

1917 4K Review

Movie It's a shame that film history may end up remembering 1917 as just an awards season statistic. A late entry in the 2019 race, it took home the top prizes at the Golden Globes,...

The Invisible Man | Review

Let's be honest. The Dark Universe got off to a rocky start. Luke Evans' turn as Dracula in Dracula Untold was the only fun thing about that movie. And Tom Cruise's 2017 edition of The Mummy...

The Suicide of Rachel Foster | Review

Over the last five years, video games have begun to branch out. Increased access to technology and a shifting marketplace have given independent studios to develop new ideas which, previously, couldn't have succeeded in...

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