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Deepak – Saturday, January 21, 12:35 pm PDT

As if the trailers and footage didn’t do this enough, WB and DC are re-branding the DCEU as “Worlds of DC,” to further separate this new slate of upcoming films from the ones we’ve already seen (minus Wonder Woman, of course). Man of Steel, BvS, and Justice League are officially a thing of the past. Suicide Squad will apparently only live on via Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, who we’ll apparently see in the Birds of Prey movie. I guess the DCEU could also be called the Zack Snyder Era. Those movies will always have their fans, and often passionate ones (yours truly among them, to an extent), but that chapter is now closed. Here’s to a brighter future for DC movies.

Deepak – Saturday, January 21, 12:30pm PDT


Aquaman continues the very conscious rebranding the DCEU is trying to do, and as the first one up (dropping Dec. 18th this year), it has a LOT riding on its shoulders. Justice League was a mixed bag (to say the least), but Momoa was consistently excellent, and seeing Atlantis realized on-screen by a reliable director in James Wan has to count for something. If WB/DC can stay out of its own way, all signs point to this being a good one.  Will the movie be good? I hope so, but more than anything here’s hoping Aquaman (of all heroes) will be the one to lead the DCEU back into respectability among the masses.

Ryley – Saturday, January 21, 12:27 pm PDT

All hail the King of the Ocean…

Deepak – Saturday, January 21, 12:25 pm PDT

As predicted, Wonder Woman 1984 showed brief footage as the movie has only recently begun production. Part of it shows a fight in a mall, in which Diana dispatches some goons handily while also protecting a little girl. In another scene, she races down the streets of DC at a blinding speed. Gadot was on-hand in Hall H along with director Patty Jenkins and co-star Chris Pine, who remained coy about how exactly Steve Trevor is back despite apparently dying at the end of the first Wonder Woman film. Gadot and Jenkins also said, somewhat oddly, that Wonder Woman 1984 is not actually a sequel… whatever that means.

The movie comes out next November, so we’re a long ways away. Wouldn’t expect an official trailer to drop for some time, this was just a goodie for the fans who made the hike to San Diego.

Deepak – Saturday, January 21, 12:20 pm PDT


What’s this I keep hearing about the DCEU being too dark? Apparently, that’s not the case anymore. Shazam is here! Trailer looks great, bright and colorful with lots of jokes and Zachary Levi having the time of his life. Will this be enough to win some new fans for DC? We’ll find out next spring!

Deepak – Saturday, January 21, 12:07pm PDT

Godzilla: King of the Monsters — Well, we finally get our first look, and it’s a doozy. We’ve seen Big G already, and it looks like the design hasn’t changed (let the fat-shaming commence). But we get a surprisingly close-up look at Mothra, with a surprisingly adorable face. Rhodan gets a good bit of a screentime, wreaking havoc in all sorts of places (including Washington, DC). The one that has us all really excited (OK fine, maybe it’s just me) is King Ghidorah, frozen in ice a la Megatron in Transformers 1. Just the silhouette is enough to bring chills, and when we finally see another shadow of him in the clouds… yikes, he looks scary.

The cast looks great (O’Shea Jackson, Jr. is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, and it’s nice to see him join the MONARCH Universe alongside fellow Straight Outta Compton alums Jason Mitchell and Corey Hawkins), and I like that the movie is continuing the big thematic underpinning of Godzilla ’14: these creatures are no longer a metaphor for nuclear war and its horrific ramifications, they’ve become a symbol for man’s destruction of Earth, and the havoc we’ll inevitably bring upon ourselves.

Visually, director Michael Dougherty and cinematographer Lawrence Sher look like they’re staying relatively close to what we saw in 2014, but adding a little bit more color a la Kong: Skull Island. The rumor is that Charles Dance will play a Nick Fury-esque role in tying all these movies together (along with returning MONARCH alums Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins).

I’m concerned about how this movie will balance FOUR monsters, but if anything, this shouldn’t face the complaints Godzilla (2014) did regarding the lack of monster mayhem. And it’ll be curious to see how this ties into 2020’s Godzilla vs. Kong remake. The scope of this movie seems bigger, the monsters bigger, the cast bigger (and better), so all signs point positive right now.

Ryley – Saturday, January 21, 11:35 pm PDT

Godzilla: King of Monsters, the latest installment in Legendary’s Big Monster Universe is coming in May of 2019. It features Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things and looks incredible.

Ryley – Saturday, January 21, 11:17 pm PDT

Warner Brothers is showcasing all the goods in Hall H this morning. First on the docket is Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald, the scandal-ridden sequel to 2016’s Harry Potter revival. We’ve already seen a trailer for this one, featuring a very kissable Albus Dumbledore. But now we’ve got a new one to gush over. Despite domestic abuse allegations, Johnny Depp can still open a movie worldwide like few others. Expect this one to crush its opening weekend.

Deepak – Saturday, January 21, 10:05 am PDT

We’re less than half an hour away from WB’s theatrical panel in Hall H, and so far, SDCC has been a mixed bag. The relatively smaller titles, like Glass and Predator, have gotten the most buzz. In the case of Glass (no pun intended), I’m actually way more excited after their SDCC panel than I thought I’d ever be.

But bigger titles like Bumblebee (again, no pun intended), have left me cold. What is this movie gonna do other than just be an 80s-set remake of Transformers 1? Yeah, Travis Knight is probably an overall better director than Michael Bay, but the latter nearly always delivered when it came to the actual fights.

And then there’s Venom, which garnered a LOT of buzz from attendees, but seems to be riding on fans’ and audiences’ love of the character to generate hype rather than anything about the movie itself. And I’m sorry, but Into the Spider-Verse just looks dumb. No amount of cast additions (this late in the game, too) are gonna make me excited for that.

Maybe it’s unfair to be too harsh on SDCC so far. The big stuff from WB — Aquaman, Godzilla 2, Shazam, and potentially a first look at Wonder Woman 1984 — should deliver BIG. But Ryley’s right: without Disney/Marvel, and soon without Fox as well, are SDCC’s best days behind it?

Hopefully not. Stay tuned for more updates!

Ryley – Saturday, January 21, 9:55 PDT

We’re planning our day today and, honestly, this year’s convention is feeling a little lame to me. The big event today is the WB Theatrical panel – which I’m personally excited for. But without Marvel, Star Wars, or HBO, the con feels like less of a big deal than it has in the past.

Disney’s plan is working just the way they want it to. D23 is building legitimacy every year. And their absence from Comic-Con is helping that effort. Just imagine next year when Fox doesn’t attend Comic-Con either.

Ryley – Friday, January 20, 7:53 PDT

In what will surely be the most important news of the Con, Sony seems to have developed an Inception-style dream-invasion technology. And they’ve used it to enter my mind and develop the perfect Spider-Man movie.

Fred – Friday, January 20, 7:24 pm PDT

Young Justice Season 3 is So Crash

The long-awaited trailer opens with a quick recap of Season 2 and immediately jumps into some of the anticipated plots points of Season 3. Dick Grayson and Superboy are back and it looks like they are teaming up with Black Spider. While we are not sure how they will tie the Apocalypse reveal at the end of Season 2 to the abduction plot mentioned, the arrival of para-demons and the Forever people of New Genesis confirm that Doomsday will be involved in some capacity. We saw several new characters briefly including what looks like the newest Robin.

Dick Grayson and Tim Drake were both Robin in the previous seasons, and we’ve seen a Robin in the Cave’s memorial, most probably Jason Todd. This leaves only Damian Wayne as Young Justice’s newest Robin. Ending the trailer with just so many explosions and giving us so much hype for this long-awaited series to return.

Deepak – Friday, January 20, 6:44 pm PDT

Universal rolled up on Hall H with an extended trailer for Halloween. The latest installment in the franchise is a sequel to some, but not all, of the Halloween movies. The extended trailer is not available online yet, but you can find our description of the trailer below…

It’s Halloween night and Trick-or-Treaters are out. One of them bumps into Michael Myers. The camera follows Michael Myers as he walks into a garage where he picks up a hammer.

We follow Myers into the house where he finds a woman in the kitchen. She sees him and lets out a classic horror movie scream. They fight and he walks away, past her dead body, holding a knife. Myers walks into a bedroom where he finds a crying baby in a crib. He leaves and walks back into the night.

Cue the Halloween theme as we hear teenagers chirping.

We find two teenagers, a girl dressed as a nurse and a boy dressed as a doctor. The camera peers through the window at the two as Myers enters their house and attacks them, smashing the girl’s head into the window.

We see Jamie Lee Curtis preparing to fight Michael Myers as narration gives us Myers’ backstory. We learn about how he survived a bus crash. We see that Curtis has a full arsenal of weapons.

The trailer ends with a fast series of action cuts. We end with Myers breaking through a window and lifting Curtis off the ground. Then the ‘Halloween’ logo.

Halloween fans should be sure to subscribe to The Watchmen the new podcast from Nerd It Here First, to get our Halloween episode on October 23rd.

Ryley – Friday, January 20, 4:42 pm PDT

Jack, we should try tweeting it from here and see if they’ll bring it out to us. If they’re willing to go to the end of those lines, how much farther could it be to Washington, DC?

Also, the next season of American Horror Story is called Apocolypse. We’ll be covering it on The Watchmen podcast on September 25th. Plenty of time to subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you find podcasts.

Jackson – Friday, January 20, 4:30 pm PDT

Nintendo Arrives

Nintendo has set up a “gaming lounge” on the show floor, showing a whole host of Nintendo Switch games, including Captain Toad, Mario Tennis, FIFA ’19, Just Dance, and most importantly, Smash Bros Ultimate. Of course, SDCC is infamous for its long lines, and Nintendo’s booth is no acceptation. The lines for Smash are apparently so long, fans can tweet @NintendoAmerica using #BringMeSmash in order to skip the line and get to play it immediately. There is also a 64 person tournament going on with prizes for those who win. It is the first time the public has been able to play the game hands-on, and we’re excited to hear more.

Friday Trailer Roundup

Deepak – Friday, July 20, 4:31 pm PDT


The Shyamalan Cinematic Universe is about to really take off. Spoiler alert for Split: it’s a low-key sequel to Unbreakable, and now the two movies will Avengers themselves together for Glass. We’ve been relying on some great set photos til now, but we finally have our first look. The cast is top-notch, it’ll be nice seeing Bruce Willis try for the first time since the Bush Administration, and overall, it’s hard not to be excited for Shyamalan making a good movie. I wasn’t a huge Split fan, so for me, even he hasn’t really been doing much since the Bush Administration…

Aquaman (trailer teaser)

Ryley – Friday, July 20, 3:57 pm PDT

We got a boatload of trailers today because Comic-Con stopped being a celebration of comics years ago and is now essentially an advertising convention. Some look good, and some I’m less thrilled by…

Doctor Who!

I’m very excited about this one. I kind of fell off with Capaldi but I’m definitely back on board here. Jodie Whittaker seems like she’s going to be cool and a lot of fun as The Doctor. Plus, she calls them friends instead of companions, which is an attitude I’m very into.

The Clone Wars…?

I’m less thrilled about this one. Why? There’s literally an entire galaxy of stories to pick from here. Why tell one that you’ve already told. Deciding to spend more time in prequel land is meek. The logical answer to that is that they’re still spooked from the Last Jedi reaction. But my response to that is that they’re the biggest entertainment company in the world not a direct to video studio. A Clone Wars revival is something the Disney of 2004 would have done.

The Walking Dead

The fact that this series is outlasting its entire original cast should be a bigger deal than it is. As we near the end of Game of Thrones people are talking about how it’s the end of an era. But the Walking Dead era is still going strong. People can be pretty mixed on this show but I’m really excited to see how it manages Andrew Lincoln’s exit. I’ll also be curious to see what the news does to their ratings.


Oh good. George RR Martin is doing more stuff that isn’t writing The Winds of Winter. I will bet anyone anything that he either doesn’t finish it or doesn’t know how it ends yet. I’m less impressed with him and his admiring hoards by the minute.

Iron Fist

Whoever asked for this deserves to get chi punched right in the stomach. I’ll give this one a chance. But I went the entire first season without seeing Danny Rand punch a dragon in the heart, which is the one cool thing Iron Fist has ever done without Luke Cage around. If he doesn’t do it in the first episode of this season, I’m out on the whole concept of Danny Rand.

Titans Trailer Released
Ryley – Thursday, July 19, 8:11 pm PDT

We’re on the eve of Comic-Con, and we’ve already got our first trailer! This one is for the DC Universe series Titans which will be coming to the DC Streaming service later this year. What do you guys think of this? I feel like it’s supposed to be the flagship series that sells you on your DC Universe subscription, but it seems the Young Justice revival has dwarfed it