Events season is over! We made it! But that doesn’t mean that we’re out of great new comics. This month brings some of the coolest titles we’ve been looking forward to for a while. There are exciting new takes on established titles, as well as new creator-owned titles we’re looking for. The perfect mix for all comics fans.

Legion of Super-Heroes #1

After months of build-up, the Legion of Super-Heroes is finally back. Brian Michael Bendis’ Superman domination continues with Legion of Super-Heroes #1. Jon Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, has been taken to the 31st Century to lead one of the most legendary superhero teams of all time. Fans of Bendis’ new take on Superman, as well as fans of classic DC Comics, should be excited for this new title.

Far Sector #1

N.K. Jemisin is the author of the Broken Earth trilogy and winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel. Now she’s turning her talents to comics with her first-ever superhero comic, Far Sector #1. Far Sector is a Green Lantern story that takes place on DC’s Young Animals imprint, which is for mature readers. It centres around Jo Mullein, a new Green Lantern investigating a murder in a galactic metropolis called The City Enduring, which has banned its citizens from feeling emotion. The book promises to be a cross between the high fantasy and superhero genres that will be a treat for readers.

Undiscovered Country #1

Nine weeks before the Image Comics debuted, creators Scott Snyder and Charles Soule sold the film rights to Undiscovered Country for $1 million. The pair of creators have been doing incredible work independently for years. While they were both known creators before then, they broke out during DC’s New 52 and have been prolific since then with established IP and creator-owned series alike. The story takes place in a world where America has blocked itself off from the rest of the world. As a plague ravages Europe and Africa, an elite team is sent into America to find the cure. What greets them is a post-apocalyptic hellscape, unlike anything they were prepared for. Even though the movie is coming, we recommend you don’t wait for it. This book is going to be unmissable.

November: Book One

When Matt Fraction writes a book, we read it. His latest title is a noir mystery that we don’t know much about. From Image Comics, this book is the first in a graphic novel trilogy. It’s a noir crime story that pins three normal women against a vast and insidious conspiracy. While we don’t know a lot about this book, we know everything we need to in order to know we have to read it.

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