Looking for something new to entertain you? I totally get it. You’re still trapped in the long dark cold of winter, but without any of the fun of holidays or get-togethers. Well never fear. Because as long as you’re trapped in your house, Nerd It Here First will be here to help you find ways to make it enjoyable. This month, we’re back with our Complete Guide to February. It’s packed with movies, streaming series, and comic books to help you stay sane.

Complete Guide to Movies

Let’s be honest. A year ago, none of us thought we’d still be spotlighting movies that are only available to stream at home. But it’s February 2021 and here we are. Fortunately, the offerings available for at-home streaming have stepped it up. And there’s something for everyone in February. From animated family movies to gripping dramas about injustice, you’ll surely find something to love in this month’s Complete Guide to Movies.

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Complete Guide to Streaming

If it feels like we’re living through a low-point in streaming entertainment, you’re not wrong. While COVID-19 has caused delays in movies, and eventually pushed many of them to streaming platforms, the same can’t be said of TV. In fact, it was almost the opposite. While TV shows continued to air last year, product shutdowns meant not much could be filmed for this year. But fear not, dear reader! You can still be entertained. Criminals and familiar characters run wild in this month’s complete guide to streaming.

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Complete Guide to Comics

Look out comics fans! February has a ton of great new stories to jump onboard with. There are some well-known icons in the DC universe who are kicking off new adventures. And some exciting new independent stories are landing on the Image shelves this month. Check out these titles so you can put them on your February pull list!

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