Summer is hardly the peak video game season. Aside from the excitement of E3, most gamers spend the summer waiting for the big releases in the Fall. But there are some great games coming out this month to help make that wait more bearable. Plus, there are some incredible games available for free with Xbox Gold or PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

Stranger Things 3: The Game (PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4)

Since July 2016, America has had a bit of an obsession with Stranger Things. The Netflix drama about kids on bikes cashed in on 1980s nostalgia in a big way. With three different storylines, each riffing on a different 80s genre, Season 1 of Stranger Things had something for everyone. When Season 2 premiered in 2017, it did little to satisfy people’s hunger for the series. If anything, it left audiences even more hungry for more.

So, after a two-year hiatus, Netflix doubled down. This month we got a third season of the hit drama, as well as an 80s inspired video game. The 16-bit game will help sate your hunger during the inevitable wait for Season 4.

God Eater 3 (Nintendo Switch)

God Eater 3 originally hit PlayStation 4 in Japan last December, with its worldwide release in February. Now it’s expanding to the Nintendo Switch this month. The hack and slash RPG asks players to hunt down massive monsters known as Aragami. The player character hunts alongside companions controlled by an artificial intelligence engine.

While the previous two installments in this franchise were available on handheld systems, God Eater 3 was originally only available on the PlayStation. So the release on the Nintendo Switch is a great opportunity for loyal fans of the handheld game, as well as newcomers with a Switch, to hop on board to an exciting game franchise.

Beyond: Two Souls (PC)

If you want your video game to send ripples through the industry, premiere it at a film festival. That’s exactly what happened in 2013 when developer Quantic Dream and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment brought Beyond: Two Souls to Tribeca Film Festival. It was the second ever game to be recognized by Tribeca (the first being L.A. Noir).

After six years, Beyond: Two Souls will be available to PC users through the Epic Game Store. This move is a part of the same deal that brought Detroit: Beyond Human and Heavy Rain to the store earlier this year. Each of the three re-releases is essential for PC gamers who missed out on the original releases of these games.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood (PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4)

The rebooted Wolfenstein franchise has been a massive success. The New Order breathed new life into the franchise in 2014. Then New Colossus capitalized on that popularity. It was an exciting and well-made game that was ranked among the top 10 games of 2017 on almost every list.

With Youngblood, the Wolfenstein team is taking a bit of a risk. The game is a spin-off game in the spirit of Far Cry: New Dawn from earlier this year. The game will be priced at $30 and offers a multiplayer mode. All of this makes it a game that’s unlike anything we’ve seen from the franchise so far. After a couple of reboots that have made the franchise more popular than ever, it will be interesting to see if the risks taken with Youngblood pay off.

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