It’s traditional to give thanks in November. This month we have much to be thankful for. In no particular order here are the video games you should keep an eye pit for this month, and this time there is something for everyone.

Death Stranding – Nov. 8 (PS4)

Hideo Kojima’s glorious return to gaming following his departure from Konomi, Death Stranding is promising to be an open world like no other. In the shoes of Sam “Porter” Bridges (or more accurately in the shoes of Norman Reedus) players will explore a wasteland and interact with the few and far between survivors. It’s this interaction between NPCs and other players that will be the main focus of the game rather than the interaction between the player and the apocalyptic landscape. Kojima is regarded worldwide as a master of game design and we cant wait to see what he does this time.

Pokemon: Sword and Shield – Nov. 15 (Nintendo Switch)

A franchised beloved by both casual fans and hardcore min-maxers Pokemon is nearly sacred to gamers of all ages. Sword and Shield will be the newest addition to this beloved franchise. Taking place in a pseudo-Great Britain this game promises to be a more open-world style vs the typical linear progression the games normally use. For those who worry this could lead to new players encountering pokemon who are way higher levels than they are early on, you’re absolutely correct! For this reason, the developers have added in the new evolutions we’ve been hearing about, making normally weaker starter pokemon much stronger.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Nov. 11 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

The newest Star Wars game from EA is an awesome single-player departure form the competitive multiplayer shooters of the past two games. With combat similar to Sekiro, boss fights resembling Dark Souls, and planet select screens straight from Mass Effect, it feels like EA has just built a Star Wars game using every other game I love. This will be the ultimate Star Wars game, assuming you don’t mind playing as Jedi.