Good news video game fans! The long Summer has finally ended, and we are officially moving into the part of the year where the good games live. No matter what type of game or gaming console you have, September has a game you’re bound to love. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the best games coming out this month.

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NBA 2K20 (September 6)

Of all the sports video games which come out every year, NBA 2K is probably the wildest. While most games limit you to playing a series of matches against other teams, NBA 2K puts you into every different imaginable iteration of basketball.

In NBA 2K20, players will have a bevy of new experiences. Ball handlers will have signature dribbling styles. There’s a new defensive tool branded as “Read and React Defense.” The A.I. will be stronger than ever before, and players will have more control over their ball handling. All in all, this promises to be the best NBA 2K ever.

Gears 5 (September 10)

The original squad game is back with a new reboot story. While the Gears series has always been impressive for how the characters interact with each other and the massive scale they employ, they have had their downsides. In 2019, the games can feel a little dated. The overly macho aesthetic can definitely feel dated.

The new will definitely be a change of pace, as it focuses on Kait Diaz, the first female protagonist in the Gears series. The story will build on the story from Gears of War 4 which featured JD Fenix, Delmont Walker, and JD’s father Marcus Fenix. But it’s also a clean jumping on point for anybody looking to check out the series. Longtime fans and newcomers alike will find a lot to love in Gears 5.

Borderlands 3 (September 13)

After seven years, the third installment in the Borderlands series is here. Now, fair enough, Tales from the Borderlands dropped in 2014. And it is definitely true that the Presequel came out that same year. But this is the first, true, Borderlands game since 2012.

Borderlands veterans will recognize that this game has new mechanics that will make the game great to a new audience as well. This game allows for characters to have multiple active abilities at the same time, which was beyond previous Borderlands games. It will also go beyond any previous Borderlands game, allowing players to leave Pandora’s orbit and go deep into space. With all these game play mechanics and more, Borderlands 3 seems like it is going to be an exciting game for new and returning players.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (September 20)

The newest Legend of Zelda game is an exciting looking remake of a game from 1993. This 3D, top down Switch game seems like an exciting game for Nintendo fans new and old. New fans of the franchise will love the modern adaptation of the game’s style, while longtime fans will love one of the best Zelda games coming to a modern console.

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