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Complete Guide To Movies | July 2019

Is there a better way to beat the heat in the Summer than in a movie theater? When summer blockbuster movies come around, it’s a great opportunity to step indoors for a few hours and escape from the 100+ degree July weather. And when the movies are good, it’s even more fun.

As always, we’ve picked out the top movie options this month as a part of your Complete Guide to July. Check out our movie picks, and the rest of the guide for your best July ever.

Spider-Man: Far From Home – July 2

In the seventh second installment in MCU’s Spider-Man saga, Peter Parker finds himself touring Europe with his schoolmates. But what is a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to do when taken out of the neighborhood? Peter shifts into Avenger mode to fight alongside Nick Fury and Maria Hill.

The final film in Marvel’s Infinity Saga also introduces the legendary Spider-Man villain, Mysterio. But more importantly, it asks a question about the MCU. After eleven years, what comes next? Without the central characters that Marvel built the film franchise on, what does the MCU look like now?

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Midsommar – July 3

Midsommar is director Ari Aster’s follow-up to the 2018 smash hit Hereditary. The film follows a cadre of college students who take a trip to northern Sweden for a celebration that only happens every 90 years. What follows is a psychological horror that is as daring as it is terrifying.

Aster’s recent success at the box office speaks for itself. But A24 has made a name for itself over the last six years across all genres. Films like Lady Bird, Ex Machina, and Swiss Army Man have shown that A24 can succeed in any genre. And Midsommar is poised to be there most recent smash hit.

The Lion King – July 19

There’s very little that needs to be said about The Lion King. And judging by the advertising around the film, Disney seems to know that. The film, a live-action remake of the 1994 smash hit, is the latest in a line of attempts to cash in on its world famous IP. But these attempts have had a range of success, from Dumbo‘s $114M to Beauty and the Beast’s $504M.

Lion King is tracking to be the biggest hit of the Disney reimaginings. Some box office predictions anticipate a $230M opening weekend for Simba and friends. With the voice talents of Donald Glover and Beyoncé, as well as James Earl Jones returning Mufasa, the film surely has enough star power to command at the box office.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – July 26

There are few stars more well-known than Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. And few directors with more name recognition than Quentin Tarantino. The team-up of these Hollywood heavyweights, as well as megastar Margot Robbie, is sure to be a summer smash at the end of this month.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is the latest in Terentino’s alternate history films like Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained. It is also billed as a movie about “multiple storylines in a modern fairy tale tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age.” The notion of multiple storylines sounds reminiscent of Pulp Fiction. It will be interesting to see how Terentino’s latest film stitches together the style of his early and recent work.

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