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Complete Guide to NIHF Shows | September 2019

Every month we at Nerd It Here First put together an armada of content that you may not be aware of. We have videos, podcasts, and articles that we think you’ll love. And we’re always open to new suggestions that come in via our Twitter account. So be sure to check out all these shows that you’ll love and will help us continue to grow!

Nerd It Here Weekly

Of course, by now you know that Nerd It Here Weekly is here to bring you the top news stories each and every week. But what you probably don’t know is that we’re moving the show’s posting date. Starting in September, Nerd It Here Weekly will post on Fridays rather than Mondays. Our hope is that this will make our news stories even more current.

On top of that, we’ve started incorporating a voting system into Nerd It Here Weekly. Every week, we want you to vote on which story was the most interesting to you, the listener. Voting will allow us to make the show better every week. Plus, it enters you for a chance to be our fan of the week! Everybody wins.

The Watchmen

Every week on the Watchmen, we talk about a brand new movie available in theaters. But this month will be something special, as we have a few bonus episodes coming. Our regularly scheduled episodes include reviews of IT: Chapter 2, Rambo: Last Blood, as well as a conversation about David Fincher’s full filmography. Plus we have bonus episodes planned around Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood and Downton Abbey.

Talk Nerdy To Me

We’ve got two great show for you this month on Talk Nerdy to Me! On September 5 we talk to Jim O’Heir from Parks and Rec about his career as a comedy actor. And then, on September 19, we talk to Justin Tyler of Comic Book Club about the X-Men. With Marvel relaunching the X-Men books, it’s the perfect time to figure out just what these so called “X-Men” are all about.

The Game Boys

Every month, Ryley and Jack hop on YouTube to play through a few games in a way that is harder than it was meant to be. Don’t forget to heck out our videos this month to see us play randomized Pokemon, the Sims 4 Cult Challenge, and to keep up with our quest to eventually get 1st place in Fortnite. For all these videos and more, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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