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Complete Guide to October 2020

October is here. And with it comes a collection of great movies, shows, games, and comics. And just because it’s Halloween season doesn’t mean it’s all horror content. This month’s Complete Guide is full of great options, no matter what your genre preference. So dive into this month’s guide and find what’s best for you.

Complete Guide to Movies

October is finally here. What would usually be the start of awards season will feel a little different this year, with the unconventional road to the Oscars brought on by COVID-19. Still, there’s some really exciting content coming to streaming AND theaters this month, including a Netflix documentary about David Attenborough that drops October 2. Here’s four more offerings we think are definitely worth checking out this month.

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Complete Guide to Streaming

Everybody loves a good spooky watch in October. But there is so much more great stuff available this month. So whether you’re looking for something scary to haunt your binge time or something that your whole family can enjoy, we’ve got you covered. As always, our Complete Guide to Streaming has picked about the biggest and best titles of the month for you. And don’t forget to check out our Complete Guide to October for full coverage of all the best titles coming out this month!

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Complete Guide to Games

Welcome to the final month of this console generation! In November, The Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 will hit shelves. But until then, we have some great games to close out this era of gaming. With some big IP and a few great horror titles, this October will end the current generation in a big, fun way.

And that’s not all! As always, Xbox Gold and Playstation Pro subscribers can get their hands on some delightful games for free. So, if you have one of those subscriptions, make sure you don’t miss out. But for those of us who are looking to spend some time and money on brand new games, here’s what’s new this October.

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Complete Guide to Comics

October isn’t just for the scary movies and spooky shows! It’s also a time for excellent comics. In some ways, comic books are the original home for spooks and scares. So this Halloween season, don’t just limit yourself to some of the best movies, games, and shows of the month. Also, be sure to check out these great comic books coming to a store near you!

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