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Complete Guide to September 2019

Welcome to September! The midway point between Summer and Fall, and a great point for media lovers everywhere. But are you having your best pop culture September of all time? Read on, and let us help you find all the best movies, games, shows, and comics availble this month. And don’t forget to let us know every week what you’re most excited about on Twitter for a chance to be our fan of the week!

Complete Guide to Movies

September is an exciting time for movies. It’s the end of the Summer, so there are still a few blockbuster Summer movies hanging around the theaters. But it’s also early fall. So awards season has started to mosey on into town. With such a diverse collection of films in theaters this month, it’s extra important to know which movies are worth your time. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best bets for this month in our Complete Guide to Movies.

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Complete Guide to Games

After the long Summer that left us dry when it came to fun video games, we’ve finally hit peak video game season. And there are a boatload of exciting games hitting this month. Particularly, this month has a boatload of new installments in long running franchises that are perfect for veterans and newcomers alike.

In particular, this month brings the newest installments in the Borderlands and Gears of War franchises. On top of that, new revivals of longtime series like Link’s Awakening and MechWarrior make September perfect for gamers. Check our full roundup of the games worth your time in September.

Plus, don’t forget to look into the free games available for Xbox and PlayStation users this month. You don’t want to miss out on the excellent games you can get for free this month!

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Complete Guide to Streaming

We’re not going to lie to you. When it comes to streaming shows, September is rough. Between all the great games and the awesome selection of movies coming this month, there’s a lack of great streaming shows available in September. Fortunately, we’ve picked out which streaming series are worth your time this mont in our Complete guide to Streaming in September 2019.

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Complete Guide to Comics

This month is chockablock full of exciting comics for anyone looking for great superhero stories from DC or Marvel. On the DC side of things, famed comics author Brian Michael Bendis continues to put his personal mark on the Superman franchise. While in the Marvel comics universe, the fallout from the War of the Realms goes on. The result for readers is a series of fun-filled stories that can’t be missed.

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Complete Guide to Nerd It Here First Shows

You know that every month we do our best to produce great new content for you from Nerd It Here First. We have a constantly evolving series of podcasts, and a series of Let’s Play videos that we think you’ll enjoy. To try and help you never miss a beat, we collect all these shows into one place to help you keep track of them all.

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