As we enter November, the streaming wars are in full swing. The ramp-up towards awards season and the release of Disney+ have combined to create a perfect storm of streamable content for anybody even remotely interested. To help you navigate through the daunting waves, we’ve picked out some titles that you won’t want to miss this November.

His Dark Materials – HBO

HBO’s adaptation of Philip Pullman’s fantasy series is a star-studded event. Featuring James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson, and Lin Manuel Miranda, the series had our attention before filming had even started. But the trailers look excellent and early reviews have been good. So His Dark Materials looks like a series worth catching. And be sure to check back with us each week as we’ll be recapping the show and highlighting things you may have missed.

The Mandalorian – Disney+

It’s finally here. Industry insiders have been talking about how the Disney streaming service is going to change the game for years. But this month, Disney+ will be available for fans to finally dig into. The platform will be the exclusive online home for all your favorite classic Disney content. But it will also feature new original content like the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. We don’t know much about the series yet. But we’ll be recapping each episode right here. So if you’re still on the fence about subscribing to Disney+, be sure to check back and see if it’s worth the price of admission.

The Crown, Season 3 – Netflix

Until last year, The Crown was the most expensive television series ever produced at about $13M per episode. It was finally disposed by Game of Thrones at $15M per episode. But unlike Thrones, The Crown doesn’t have flash dragons or magic effects eating up its budget. Season 3 of the Netflix series will introduce new actors to each of the rolls. Most prominently Olivia Coleman, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Anne, will take over as Queen Elisabeth II. Whether the show retakes the title of the most expensive show on television remains to be seen. But it will surely continue to be can’t miss programming.

Man in the High Castle, Season 4 – Amazon Prime

Once upon a time, Man in the High Castle was Amazon Prime’s streaming darling. But now titles like Mrs. Maisel and Fleabag have taken over the spotlight. But with the first battle of the streaming wars happening this month, Amazon went back to the horse that got them this far. The final season of Man in the High Castle will feature a high stakes science fiction plot involving interdimensional travel. It’s a far cry from Philip K. Dick’s novel which originally inspired the series. And it probably won’t be enough to capture the attention of fans distracted by Disney+ and The Crown. Which is a shame because High Castle has been a great series that deserves adoration. Hopefully, it will be an ending that fans of the series can enjoy.

The Irishman – Netflix

There was some scuttlebutt over at Nerd It Here First HQ about if we should list The Irishman under the streaming guide or the Movie Guide. But in the end, we went back to the guiding principle we rely upon to answer most of our questions. While The Irishman will premiere in theatres early this month, it will hit Netflix on November 27. If you’re wondering why you can’t find it in theaters near you, it’s because most major theater chains are upset about the short exclusivity window before the film is available on streaming. No matter which end of this ouroboros you end up seeing this film on, it’s surely going to be one of the greatest movies you see this year.

What are you excited to stream this month? Did we leave off the premiere of the newest season of your favorite? Or are you excited about something new coming? Let us know on Twitter @NerdItHereFirst. And be sure to subscribe to The Watchmen podcast where we review a new movie every week!