As crazy as it might sound, we’ve been on the receiving end of transmissions from an Intern in a lab, somewhere in a far off dimension. Through his experiments, he has gained access to every film trailer on YouTube. He doesn’t seem to understand that these are advertisements for movies, and not the movies themselves.

Despite his misunderstanding, we think it’s important to record his writings for posterity. We hope that one day we’ll be able to communicate back to him and show him real movies. Maybe then we’ll also get to ask his name. Until then, we just call him “Trailer Only Guy.”

A month or so ago, I stumbled upon an intriguing new trailer in the Doctor Sleep series. I have been eagerly anticipating the sequel ever since. You can imagine my surprise when the day the sequel was uploaded, I discovered that this trailer series has a prequel trailer.

This old trailer is different from the new ones. It seems to have a completely different format to it! It opens with Jack getting a new job and moving his family into a hotel for the winter. And it seems that this particular hotel might be spooked. The last man who had Jack’s job snapped and killed his family.

And it seems as if history will repeat itself because the job is really getting to Jack. At times he looks perfectly fine, and at other times he is threatening his wife and son, Danny. Over time, Jack begins to rampage killing and torturing the other guests as he hunts his family. The suspense in this trailer is suffocating. The entire time you wonder if the boy and his mother will survive Jack’s insanity. If it were not for the unsatisfying ending, this would be a near-perfect trailer.

“The Shining – Official Trailer” makes viewers bleed with anxiety as they opine on the fate of the family and acquire a new isolation phobia. 4/7

Here are my shorthand thoughts on the two sequel trailer that complete the trilogy.

“Doctor Sleep – Official Teaser Trailer” shows us the impact a crazed parent can have on a child even once they’ve grown into adulthood. An adult Danny has convinced himself he has certain powers. When he meets a child that shares in his delusion, his head becomes filled with illusions of pain and suffering, reminiscent of his childhood winter in a hotel. 6/7

“Doctor Sleep – Final Trailer” has Danny returning to the hotel seeking answers about his trauma to rid himself of the illusions that haunt him. He is seemingly successful until running into the girl who got him going in the last episode! When they meet up they realize — in a historic trailer twist — that their shared delusions are actually real and are hunting them down! Danny takes his new friend to the hotel in an attempt to prevent history from repeating itself. 5/7

The Shining Doctor Sleep Trilogy has its ups and downs. Each installment is dripping with mystery and perfect scale, but at times the trailers are bogged down by sloppy editing and out of place effects. The intimate and symbolic sacrifice in the finale left me satisfied and wanting to be a better person despite my flaws.

Altogether, this is a good Trilogy; 5 out of 7 dimensions. I would recommend watching them over three evenings to unwind.

My apologies for the less than careful thoughts on these trailers, free time is short these days in the IDT Lab.