From May 18 to May 24, 2020

2 Lawsuits

News of Nintendo’s legal antics flooded the net Monday morning. The new lawsuits targeted retail websites that had listed hacked Nintendo Switches that would be capable of playing pirated software. The Nintendo Switches were being provided by the anonymous hacking group called “Team Xecuter.” Nintendo is notably focusing its legal action on the product resellers and not the hackers themselves. This could be due to the resellers being organized and target-able entities or to discourage other resellers from becoming involved in similar behaviors. [Polygon]

A more optimistic way of looking at Nintendo’s legal strategy is to assume that the Japanese company is becoming comfortable with the general idea of hacking and modding to their consoles so long as it is not losing them money. The majority of video game hackers and system modders have long argued their goal is not to pirate games and that this is the action of only a small minority in the community. Perhaps Nintendo has decided to trust this going forward and will only punish the cheaters and lawbreakers going forward.

4 Years

Warner Brothers Justice League premiered in movie theaters in 2017. In 2021 the long-fabled “Snyder Cut” of the film will come to HBO Max. The new project was announced by director Zack Snyder after a live commentary screening of the first DCEU movie Man of Steel. Fans everywhere cried tears of joy at the success of the #ReleasetheSnyderCut movement. The project to refinish the film that Zack Snyder had to hand over to Joss Whedon after a family tragedy will require nearly $30 million to complete. [Hollywood Reporter]

For more on this listen to this week’s Nerd It Here Weekly episode, where editor Ryley and his co-hosts discussed what this means not only for DC’s Justice League but for cinema as a whole. They ask the question: what fan movement will get its way next? Is it time for #SaveTheOA to make a comeback? Perhaps LucasFilm will let those rich fans remake the Star Wars sequel trilogy in their image.

190 million downloads per month

Joe Rogan hosts the world’s most listened to podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. Spotify is bringing the show over to its platform exclusively. This is the first major exclusivity podcast deal and marks Spotify making an aggressive play against Apple to become the worlds leading podcast listening service. Currently the majority of Podcasts are listened to on Apple Podcasts, however, Spotify has more active users. [The Verge]

Many worry that this sets a dangerous precedent and that eventually you will only be able to access your favorite shows from specific apps. Others are excited about the competition with Apple. Perhaps the only true winner in this situation is Joe Rogan himself who had already won podcasting.

24 Party Royale Showtimes

Last Thursday evening at 8 PM EST the final trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet premiered in Fortnite‘s new Party Royale game mode. The trailer played on the hour every hour for a day and was uploaded online shortly after the premiere. But watching a movie trailer from one of the directors at the forefront of modern cinema innovation through a video game might be a once in a lifetime experience. [Epic Games]

Video game journalist Geoff Keighley also announced during the premiere that at a yet unannounced date this summer a Christopher Nolan film will stream for free to Fortnite players. With the scope and value of Fortnite events increasing with each announcement now is the time to download the game. The video game is transforming into a social experience platform with value there for even those completely disinterested in fighting for the top spot in a Battle Royale.

2.57 Million Subscribers

John Krasinski has sold the rights to his pandemic time relief talk show SGN or Some Good News to CBS after what was reportedly a “massive bidding war”. The show will be moving from its original home on YouTube to CBS All Access and will be receiving a new host. The show’s eight episodes had a minimum viewership of 3.9 million and a maximum of 17.9 million. Fans of the show worry that this shift will make the show lose what made it special and that the community of fan shows that were built around the concept will not be allowed to continue under the new owners. [Hollywood Reporter]

With the move to a new platform and losing the adored host will the show be able to survive? How many fans will move over to CBS All Access to continue watching? Perhaps the most comparable transition was with YouTuber Lilly Singh got a late-night show on NBC. Examining her YouTube numbers only 3% of her fans from her personal YouTube channel followed her over onto the new platform. That show kept its host, how will the currently host-less SGN fare?