E3 2017: EA Press Conference Recap

This year, EA’s press conference took place a day before E3 began, at an off-site location from the main E3 convention. It Sunday, and here is what they had to show us.

EA started with Battlefield 1, showing new maps that take place at night and some content upgrades that will lead up to the game’s first expansion “In the Name of the Tsar,” where you will go to the eastern front of the great war.

Next up was FIFA 18. There was lots of footage of Christian Ronaldo in a motion capture suit and an emphasis on competitive play and EA backed tournaments. They also showed a trailer for the continuation of FIFA 17’s Journey Mode, which had you playing as a fictional up and coming player named Alex Hunter. It will also be released on Switch but with a different engine and no Journey mode.

Need for Speed: Payback followed FIFA, and they showed a trailer which was essentially a Fast and the Furious scene but with you controlling the car and switching perspectives half way through the scene. Not much else to say on this one.

Next, we are shown a very quick trailer of a new IP from Bioware, developed by the Knights of the Old Republic team, called Anthem. Not much is shown in the short clip except for a mech suit and monsters in a decaying city environment.

A Way Out is another new EA IP, this one being developed by the creator indie hit Brothers: At Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out is a strict co-op game of two men escaping prison. The game can only be played with another person but has couch and online capabilities. The directing and scenes shown looked very interest, and I suggest you check out a video of it in action. This is the one to watch for me for sure.

EA then unveils their “SEED” team (Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division), and we are shown some Madden and NBA Live stuff that does not show anything extraordinary than any of the past iterations.

Next, we got to see the main event of the press conference Star Wars: Battlefront 2. EA acknowledges a lot of the negative feedback of the first game and explains that they understand what went wrong with the lack of content and story mode. Battlefront 2 will have a story mode bridging the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. They will also be releasing maps, characters, vehicles, and other future downloadable content for free. We are shown a multiplayer match on Naboo, and it looks gorgeous. Hopefully, this game can deliver on the missed opportunities of the first one.