Last July Fox ordered a pilot episode for an X-Men TV show from writer Matt Nix. The show is intended to air on the Fox channel as not to compete with Fox’s Legion currently airing on FX. This week the supposed name for the show was leaked (Spoilers: the show will be called Gifted), and we figured now is as good a time as ever to round up all the information that we currently have on the show.

Back to Brian

Brian Singer is the director that brought X-Men to the big screen in 2002, and last January we found out he would be directing this new show as well. I generally like the X-Men films, but I think Singer’s directorial style has led to lackluster storytelling in the most recent X-Men installments. Each of his X-Men films felt like they were copy and pasted versions of his original X-Men film with a shiny coat of paint applied. My favorite X-Men film happens to be the one where he was the least involved. Whether or not he does a good job depends on how much he is willing to try to tell a new story with the show and each episode.

Writer Matt Nix

The writer for Gifted is best known for his work writing for the show Burn Notice. This could be a good sign for the show. Burn Notice was a show that had the same plot each episode by its very nature, but Matt Nix was good at keeping the details interesting and giving you just enough of the over-arching story each episode to keep you coming back for more. Hopefully, his style is a good match for a director that likes to do the same things.


Netflix Style Plot

The show follows a divorcee mother (Kate Stewart, possibly a mutant herself) and her two children (teen girl Lauren and tween boy Andy), who she has discovered are mutants, as they go on the run and join an underground network of mutants. These underground mutants are also running from the law as well as fighting against mutant persecution. To me, this plot sounds extremely similar to a lot of the shows currently trending on Netflix, including shows that Netflix has made itself (The 4400, The OA, Stranger Things). This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as Nix and Singer can keep it from feeling like another retread of the stories audiences can binge watch. Being a weekly prime time show, Gifted will need to be exciting and fresh each week, giving fans something to think about between episodes, so that they want to come back for more. I think the best way for Gifted to do this is for Nix to really utilize the deep lore of the X-Men comics. For example, the underground network of mutants should be the Morlocks, and the rumored sentinels need to be menacing but believable.

It is All Connected

Unlike Legion, this show is intended to exist in the same universe as the X-Men films. Considering how relaxed Fox is with the continuity of the X-Men movies I do not think this will hold the show back. This arrangement will prove beneficial to the show if FOX can convince any of the big stars from their movies to make cameo appearances in the show. Fox has done an excellent job getting top talent for their X-Men movies so it may prove difficult to convince these star to grace the small screen. Though cameos from lower profile actors/characters could also boost the show; the episodes of Agents of Shield with Lady Sif prove the excitement that any recognized character can bring.

The Cast is Very TV Experienced

The main cast has already been put together, and you can find a list of the characters here. Most everyone on the cast has experience as a regular on at least one other TV show. This is a good sign that the cast is prepared for the rigor of a television show. Most of the characters are new and made for the show, including a mutant named Eclipse who is described as having photon-absorbing and releasing powers. We will have to wait for the show to know exactly what that means, but I think he will have a similar power set to Sunspot (seen on film in Days of Future Past). There are also a couple of main characters we are familiar with from the comics and movies (Blink and Polaris) who can be assumed to be a part of the underground network our protagonists seek out for help. The cast also includes a few other nonmutant characters who are probably members of the mutant-hunting task force that uses some form of Sentinel.

So, there you have it. Everything we know about Fox’s upcoming X-Men TV show Gifted. What do you most want to see in the series? Are you excited to see the character Blink again in live action? Or are you more excited for the new and unique to the show characters? I for one am looking forward to seeing a live action portrayal of Polaris. With no official air date set yet we are sure to get more details on the show before it comes out, so be sure to check back here on Nerd It Here First to get more information on Gifted.