Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Breakdown

Winter is here is Season 7 of the HBO Drama

The Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer has taken the internet by storm. And while it is easy enough to say it looks awesome (which it does) it is even more awesome when you realize the larger context in which it takes place. That context becomes a lot harder to focus on when you are considering a world as vast and filled with as many characters as Game of Thrones but fortunately we at Nerd It Here First has got you covered.

The Season 7 trailer begins with Queen Cersei doing a once over regarding the current state of politics in Westeros. She mentions enemies to the east, and we see Grey Worm in a more regal upgrade to his unsullied armor. “Enemies to the West” and were given a foreboding imagine of an Iron Islands vessel. She says enemies to the south, but we don’t get a definite answer on who she is referring to here, as all we see is the sharpening of a spear. Granted she has plenty of enemies in the south with House Tyrell and the Sandsnakes both being south of King’s Landing and having no love for the Lannisters with the latter assassinating her daughter in the previous season.

Finally, we get to the “Enemies to the North.” Here we see Aria Stark, not Jon Snow the King of the North and I think for a very good reason. Last season Aria had started her kill list using the training she received form the House of Black and White, and she did not pull her punches. While this was happening Jon Snow has retaken Winterfell and was figuring out how he could prepare for the white walkers. Suffice to say, Cersei has more to worry about from the Stark assassin, than from the one with the actual army. And that was only 30 seconds into the Season 7 Game of Thrones Trailer.

Daenerys has finally reached Westeros, and we see her approaching what we can assume is Dragonstone, the ancestral home of her house, House Targaryen, complete with its throne of what looks like melted and reformed rock. Quick cut to her unsullied army breaching an entry way into an unknown keep, but one containing a Lannister sigil. Also in her corner, Tyrion Lannister makes an appearance promising fans more of Peter Dinklage’s unforgettable drunken wit (as well has his surprising military cunning demonstrated in defense of King’s Landing) in the coming season. Tyrion also made the brave choice to free Daenerys’ dragons when she was missing last season, establishing a bond that has not yet been fully explored.

At around one minute into the trailer, Jon Snow makes his appearance, and Little Finger instantly reminds everyone why we don’t like him as he once again appears to be manipulating Sansa Stark. While he is speaking we see some quick cuts to Theon Greyjoy, Sansa’s tortured adopted sibling who has since allied himself with Daenerys. And Melisandra. Malisandra is particularly interesting as we see her overlooking Dragonstone and was previously exiled from Winterfell last season.

We are given flashes of the portcullis at an unknown location (most probably Castle Black) opening to the frozen unknown and a small group of armed individuals dressed as wildlings venturing through the snow. Aria Stark once again is seen though this time in a visibly colder location implying she went north from where we saw her at the end of last season, possibly on her way to meet up with her Jon at Winterfell.

Sir Davos returns and starts saying what everyone has thought since the White Walkers appeared in episode one “If we don’t put aside our enmities and band together we will die.” Then we are graced with several impressive shots of several different armies and even some individuals doing exactly the opposite. The Dothraki return on their horses in an open assault on an unknown group of archers, we see Jon gripping Little Finger’s Throat, and more unsullied attack the Lannister soldiers. Easily missed in these hard cuts we see an arm afflicted by gray scale extending through a door. Jorah Mormont had contracted the disease earlier last season and was tasked to find the cure and return to Daenerys. If this was his arm, it has since spread and looks much worse than what we previously saw.

Again hard cut to Grey Worm and Dany’s hand maid Missandei hooking up after spending all of the last season thinking about it, and Theon Greyjoy’s sister Yara kissing Allaire Sand. This later entanglement is significant because 1. Yara Greyjoy is in charge of the fleet that took Dany to Westeros and 2. The last time we saw Ellaria Sand kiss someone, it was Cersei Lannister’s daughter, and she died shortly after due to poison Allaire had ingested for this particular reason.

To wrap the Game of Thrones trailer up a Dragon flies over the heads of a horde of Dothraki charging towards some enemy as Jon Snow voice-over tells us that “The Great War” has come, almost certainly referring to the White Walkers. And there you have it, a brief run down on the newest trailer and an even briefer run down on the world of Westeros and why what we saw matters.

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