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RT – 11:06 – Wow! I did not think Three Billboards was going to win. But I guess I said hours ago it makes sense the HFPA likes it. Do you think this changes the Oscar narrative at all?

DC – Yeah it’s a legit contender now.

RT – I still feel like it’s dead. But we’ll see.

RT – 11:01 – Man, that’ll teach us to try and pull a couple upsets.

DC – Glad she won though. I’m still excited to see this Three Billboards. And she got away with saying shite!

RT – Yea, the button pusher needs to figure their life out. They’re all over the place.

DC – 10:52 – Gary Oldman wins for Best Actor in a Drama, which is obvious.

RT – Look at that son of a bitch, looking around like he wasn’t expecting it. That’s as fine a piece of acting as he did in any scene in the movie.

RT – 10:44 – Lady Bird is Best Comedy for sure right?

DC – Yup

RT – “Oh boy! ISn’t that great?” Keaton is such a dad now.

RT – 10:34 Watched Lady Bird last night and I’m very glad Saoirse Ronan won this award.


RT – I’m glad this award can be so magical for you. Another super locked up one though obviously. Big Little Lies for Best Miniseries.

DC – 10:18 – Queen Amidala with the zinger!

RT – Del Toro looked around like “I’m sorry, I just made a good movie!” He had this one locked down though. He makes weird movies. They love weird movies.

DC – Gonna be a big night for Shape of Water.

RT – 10:03 – This speech is going to be everything!

DC – Oprah time

RT – This montage is just going to be “Hey you, watching this. What have you done with your life? Because this is one woman’s legacy.”

DC – I’m just tryna win the lottery

– 9:57 – Aziz Ansari wins a very, very well deserved award for Master of None

DC – Yeah! Brown dudes winning!

RT – 9:54 – Seth did a very good Game of Thrones joke and I enjoyed it. Also, I’m very excited that The Marvelous Ms. Maisel won Best Comedy. I loved this show so much. I laughed out loud constantly.

RT – 9:46 – WOW! Clutch move Ewan. I really did not see that coming.

DC – He’s looking very, very… Obi-Wan Kenobi-esque tonight.

DC – 9:44 – Hugh Grant introducing Dunkirk for no real reason other than that he’s British.

RT – He could be in it, I have no idea. Lots of guys on that beach.

RT – 9:35 – Checking back in with a called movie shot! I told you, man, the HFPA is going to be into America as seen by an Irishman.

DC – Yeah good call.

DC – 9:30 – How are we supposed to feel about Tonya Harding being kinda sorta vaguely celebrated right now? I guess I need to see the movie…

RT – Yeah, I feel like I don’t know enough about this whole thing and I might need to do some reading on it all.

RT – 9:28 – Remember last year when Aaron Taylor Johnson won for Nocturnal Animals?

DC – Remember when Allison Janney won Best Supporting Actress and my lead kept growing continued?

RT – Yeah…

DC – 9:24 – But actually, can we have a serious conversation about the Rock? Like, when does he even have time to sleep?

RT – He must’ve given it up years ago.

DC – 9:21 – Best Animated Feature goes to Coco obviously.

RT – I know! It’s not even a fun competition. We need more animated movies so I can be more entertained throughout the year, and also at awards season.

RT – 9:16 – Laura Dern wins for Big Little Lies! I’m very very into how much Laura Dern I’m getting in my entertainment these days.

DC – I’m very into the substance that these speeches have.

RT – 9:10 – Franco had Best Actor in a Comedy on lock. He’s been so good to Wiseau through this whole project.

DC – They all have. But they also roast him constantly. Also, Franco slipping in and out of the accent is nuts.

DC 9:07 – “I WILL FIND HIM!”

RT – The Michael Shannon lines in this clip are the most Michael Shannon lines. “You clean that lab and get out… You don’t think that’s what The Lord looks like do you?… What is she saying!?”

RT 9:01 – Kelly Clarkson & Keith Urban singing together is super cute. Also, I’m now ahead in the predictions! We should’ve made a bet or something.

DC – Disgustingly charming and annoyingly handsome is the correct way to describe Hugh Jackman.

DC 8:57 – Mariah Carrey gets all the way through the Best Score presentation without any mishaps. And The Shape of Water wins its first award of the night. Ryley and I both had the pick so the score doesn’t change.

RT – Also, this guy is a baller for bringing up his other Golden Globe super low key before his speech starts.

RT 8:55 – I’m very excited for Christina Hendricks’ new show. Also, Alexander Skarsgard wins for Big Little Lies. This acceptance speech would be a great place to talk about Times Up since his character is an abusive monster… But…

DC – Swing and a miss

RT – 8:48 Commercial break! One day we will have advertisers so we can plug them in here during these breaks instead of just writing nothing.

DC – But really, has Cary Elwes aged at all since like Liar Liar?

RT – I don’t know. But I know I want him to make my pasta and tell me about how they made The Princess Bride.

DC – I’m just waiting for the dark/gritty reboot.

RT- 8:46 pm – The Handmaid’s Tale also won the Emmy, so it’s not terrifically surprising to see it being recognized here too.

DC – I guess I need to watch it…

DC – 8:42 pm – Sterling K. Brown not messing around this time. Thanking his wife right off the bat. I also can’t imagine them playing him off after the Emmy situation.

RT – 8:39 pm – The HFPA awarding 2 $1,000,000 grants to prestigious journalistic institutions is good. It also sounds like The Post is in for a big night.

DC – Low key hyping up The Post hard.

RT – 8:33 pm – Elizabeth Moss wins for Handmaid’s Tale. A great, great actress in a wonderful role telling an absolutely vital story. So hooray on all counts.

RT – 8:28 pm – RACHEL BROSNAHAN WINS FOR MS. MAISEL! I’m really excited about this. That show is great and she’s hilarious in it.

RT – 8:26 pm – I’m fine with the idea of an upbeat musical movie about PT Barnum and the Circus, so long as we can all agree that it’s probably ignoring a lot of not great stuff that he did.

DC – 8:21 pm – So can we officially consider Sam Rockwell the leading candidate for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar?

RT – No, I don’t think so. The HFPA is always so weird. I think they’re more likely to have love for Three Billboards than the Academy.

RT – 8:20 pm – Sam Rockwell wins Supporting Actor. So Deepak is now beating me in our predictions. But I’m confident I’ll make a comeback.

DC – 8:14 pm – For those who were interested in our Golden Globes predictions, Ryley and I are now both 1/1.

RT – 8:13 pm – Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot presenting actress in a limited series. Nicole Kidman wins for Big Little Lies. So 3 of the tallest, best-looking people in history are all on stage together.

RT – 8:05 pm – So it turns out Meyers is ice cold.

DC – 8:03 pm – Seth Meyers killin’ this opening monologue.

RT – Definitely agree. This is great. I’m laughing out loud.

RT – 8:00 pm – Here we go. You got this Seth.

DC – 7:59 pm – Hello from ! here, live-tweeting the

RT – 7:57 pm – Oh… I kind of forgot The Young Pope was a thing.

RT – 7:39 pm – Seacrest is interviewing NPH, so here’s a list of the activist guests on the red carpet tonight:

Tarana Burke – Girls for Gender Equality; #MeToo

Marai Larasi – Imkaan

Rosa Clemente – Community Organizer working for Political Prisoners

Ai-jen Poo – National Domestic Workers Alliance

Mónica Ramírez – Alianza Nacional de Campesinas

Calina Lawrence – Native Activist

Saru Jayaraman – Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

Billie Jean King

RT – 7:29 pm – Somebody must’ve got in Seacrest’s ear about Time’s Up because he just pigeonholed it into the very end of his interview with Armie Hammer.

RT – 7:13 pm – Monica Rameriez is accompanying Laura Dern down the red carpet. She fights for equality in pay and protection against harassment.

RT – 7:07 pm – While there’s some downtime, can I just say that Ryan Seacrest has no business at this ceremony. E! is currently investigating him for sexual harassment. Surely they could have found anybody else. Whether or not its true isn’t the issue, it’s just a very bad situation to be in in the first place.

RT – 7:04 pm – Laurie Metcalf just told E! that she hasn’t been at the Golden Globes in 25 years, and that the last time was for Rosanne. Tonight she is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Ladybird. She’s wonderfully talented, and I hope it’s not another 25 years before we see her here again.

RT – 6:41 pm – Emma Watson’s guest tonight is Marai Larasi, the executive director of Imkaan, an organization working to end violence against black and minority women.

RT – 6:43 pm – Tarana Burke, the founder of the Me Too movement and Senior Director at Girls for Gender Equality is with Michelle Williams. It’s really awesome to see everyone making a point to talk about issues tonight, in addition to the movies and TV shows everyone is here to celebrate.

RT – 6:36 pm – Seth Meyers sighting! I’m really excited, I think he’s going to crush it. Also, shout out to Alexi Ashe, Meyers’ wife who is a human rights attorney.

RT – 6:30 pm – I don’t care for this “Glambot” thing at all.

RT – 6:26 pm – The cast of Stranger Things looks fly as hell. These kids are jam-packed with charisma. And I’m sure Netflix is astoundingly proud of their ability to tow the party line saying nothing about Season 3. These kids are going far.

Deepak Chitnis – 6:23 pm – Deepak here! I’ll be skipping the red carpet (as always), so I’ll see you guys closer to showtime!

RT – 6:03 pm – The Red Carpet is starting off really strong. Kelly Clarkson just freaked out over seeing and then meeting Meryl Streep. I love stars fan-ing out over other stars.

Ryley Trahan – 6:00 pm – The Red Carpet is underway! Tonight, you’ll be seeing a sea of black clothes as well as some unfamiliar faces. Many of the women at tonight’s ceremony will be protesting their treatment in the workplace by wearing black.

In another bold stance against abuse, stars like Mery Streep, Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, and Emma Stone will be escorted down the red carpet by activists from Times Up. These representatives will be talking about the vital work Times Up does for equality in the workplace.