Finally caving to fan pressure, Valve Studios has quietly added the long-awaited sequel to their production schedule. While we still don’t have an exact date, we do know it is scheduled for a 3rdQuarter release in 2018. Probably in time for Christmas. And right after the full drop of Portal 3.

“The pressure to make this game has been incredible!” said one Valve executive. “There’s just no way we can make it live up to the hype and the expectations. We’re having to develop a whole new engine just to handle the physics.”

The last new Half-Life installment dropped in 2006 and ended on an astonishing cliffhanger.

“2018 will be the 20th anniversary of the game,” said the executive. “We feel like we owe it to the fans to put out the best game we can. We’re experimenting with some VR elements that are pretty exciting.”

Expect to see a remastered ‘Titanium Edition’ of Half-Life 1&2 dropping later this year to show off the advanced graphics that we can expect in 3!

“This will be bigger… look we’re building on a scale that’s frankly unbelievable… people wanted an open world game… we’re going to give them a spectacular open world. The scale of the game is crazy.”

Asked whether they’ve given any thought to what a shared world multiplayer experience would look like the executive shook his head, “MMO… RPG elements… it’s all on the table at this point. Right now we’re trying to pare it down to what we can do… what will make the game experience the best for the most players and not just an April Fool’s Day pipe dream.”

“There’ll be headcrabs. You can put money on that.”

And then the executive’s head turned into a giant frog. “Rrrrribbbit,” he croaked. And hopped out the window of my bedroom which turned out to be part of a floating castle. Not unlike the castle from Howl’s Moving Castle which is an amazing movie. I woke to the smell of bacon.

I love bacon.

But I’d love Half-Life 3 more…