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Hannah Brown’s ‘Bachelor’ Future

By many measures, Hannah Brown was not a great Bachelorette. She sent good guys home, kept bad guys too long, and ended up engaged to the biggest schmuck in recent Bachelor history. And now she is single. 

That is not to say her season was bad. Overall, hers was a pretty great season of The Bachelorette. She was beautiful and entertaining and her men were always interesting. But if the results of the season are what indicates success, her’s was no success. In some ways, she came across as a terrible judge of character.

I’m not here to summarize, in detail what happened on her season, which has already been done in numerous other locations (such as these). I would, however, like to review the eliminations and decisions leading up to the end of Hannah’s season. Hannah’s final four men included some of the best and the worst. There was Luke, a religious misogynistic zealot; Peter, an awkward Pilot who’s chemistry with Hannah wad palpable; Tyler, a modern male sex icon; and Jed, a struggling yet egotistical musician. 

During the fantasy suite, she sent home sex-shaming Luke in spectacular fashion and said a  tearful goodbye to Pilot Peter after spending the night with him (keep that in mind). The following week she let perfect Tyler go and accepted a proposal from Jed. Her engagement was short-lived, even by Bachelor standards. While the show was airing it came out that Jed had a girlfriend when he came on the show. Hannah had no patience for this and the two of them broke off the engagement. 

So where does that leave Hannah? Alone basically. During her season’s final episode, the “After the Final Rose Special” she asked runner up Tyler on a date, which they went on. However, Tyler is now dating the famous model Gigi Hadid, so that’s the end of him and Hannah. She dumped Luke for being an altogether terrible person, so he’s out of the picture. And it was recently announced that Peter will be the Bachelor in the show’s next season. Typically if their engagement ends, a former Bachelorette will need to return to dating the old fashion way like everyone else. But Hannah’s fans feel she got the short end of the deal. 

Many in Bachelor Nation think Hannah should either be on the next season of Bachelor In Paradise (also called BIP, a spin-off show for losing contestants) or even by way of another season as The Bachelorette. Neither of these is a great option. By the time she would be able to go on BIP next Summer her story would be old news and many of the available guys would be men she already broke up with during her turn as The Bachelorette. Being a repeat Bachelorette has never happened before and would be a little better, but we’ve already seen how that goes for her. Who is to say that she would do any better the second time? To be honest it would likely be even worse. Hannah would probably be quite guarded going into the process and would be suspicious of all potential suitors.

So is Hannah doomed to fade into obscurity, then? No, there is another not often discussed option. Hannah and Peter had undeniable chemistry throughout the show. It was sometimes a little uncomfortable watching the two of them together. Not to mention during the aforementioned “After the Final Rose” segment it was revealed that the two of them had sex four times during their fantasy suite date. During their sit down conversation, the two of them could barely keep their hands off of each other. 

The chemistry between them that night was palpable. But Peter is already confirmed as the next Bachelor, so that ship has sailed. Or has it? It has never happened before but Hannah should return as a contestant on the Bachelor. She should come out of the night one limo last, and tell Peter she made a mistake sending him home and a second mistake when she did not ask him out on a date at the “After the Final Rose”. 
In recent seasons the show has been at its best when the formula is broken and what better way to shake up the formula than to have a former Bachelorette as a contestant. Not just any Bachelorette but one that had such a great connection with our new leading man. Peter on his own will likely be a bland and awkward Bachelor. But force him to choose between a woman he has already expressed that he loves and 29 other beautiful women and that will be prime television. Forget about what will make for good TV, ABC should quite honestly do it for love the right reasons.

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