Reports are coming in about trouble on the set of Infinity War. While Marvel has been able to soothe the egos of all their actors up until now, it seems that they may have hit a breaking point with the most recent film.

Yesterday afternoon, Robert Downey Jr. stormed off the set of the movie after a heated exchange with Benedict Cumberbatch. Reports are that they two were in a debate over who had the better portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.

According to all those involved, the conversation started as playful banter between takes. Tom Holland, Marvel’s new Spider-Man, had been saying how much he’d enjoyed Cumberbatch’s turn as the super detective on BBC’s Sherlock.

Downey Junior, who overheard the remarks, said that if Holland enjoyed Cumberbatch’s portrayal, then he should watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. From there, things quickly became heated between the two actors with Holland awkwardly standing between them.

RDJ has left the set and does not seem to have any intention of returning anytime soon. Our sources tell us that Marvel has not reached out yet. While RDJ has been a cash-cow for the studio, Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is the future of the brand. That puts the studio in a bit of a pickle.

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