From July 13 to July 19, 2020

1 More Bird Box Netflix Film

In 2018 Netflix had perhaps one of its most unusual hits. Their film Bird Box received middling reviews from both critics and audiences alike. Despite this the movie was viewed 45 million times within its first 7 days on the platform supposedly breaking all previous Netflix streaming. That number is according to Netflix and because Netflix keeps its streaming numbers private there is no way to verify this seemingly contradictory phenomenon. In an interview the author of the book that was adapted for the film, Josh Malerman, mentioned that production had already begun on the film adaptation of his still unreleased sequel Malorie. [Inverse]

I barely remember the film Bird Box. Do you know what I do remember? The idiotic Bird Box Challenge that it inspired: where people would try to get somewhere or do something while blindfolded. Some people were responsible about it, they would stay home and not do anything that required the use of sharp objects. Other people tried to cut vegetables for stews, rewire circuitry, or drive to the supermarket! Yes there were injuries. No I do not think Bird Box was a good enough movie to warrant inspiring another round of the Bird Box challenge. Honestly, I don’t think Bird Box was a good movie at all ★✰✰✰.

83 Metascore for a Ghost

There were two big video game releases last week: Paper Mario: The Origami King and Ghost of Tsushima. Nerd It Here First will have in house reviews for both shortly. Until then we will talk about the scores other people have given Ghost of Tsushima. Why not Paper Mario? Because that game has already received our attention in a previous iteration of this column and because Ghost won the weekend in sales. That out of the way is Ghost of Tsushima a good game? Yes. It has a good score on review aggregator Metacritic and an even higher average User Score. [GameSpot]

I do not have a PlayStation 4 so I won’t be playing this critically acclaimed samurai title. Instead to get my samurai fix I think I’ll watch one of the movies suggested by Nerd It Here First‘s very own Deepak Chitnis. He has rarely if ever steered me wrong in his film recommendations and I’ve been wanting to watch Rashomon for a while now. HBO max has it right now so I think that is what I will watch this week.

2 Nintendo Twitter Accounts

The dedication of fans playing detective online is a force to be reckoned with. Last Wednesday fans discovered an unused twitter handle that is seemingly tied to an internal Nintendo email address. The handle @supermario35th is suspected to be used by Nintendo to promote products and events celebrating Mario’s 35th anniversary. Earlier this year leaks claiming an “All Star” remaster pack of 3D mario games from past consoles would be coming to the Switch to celebrate the anniversary and this newly uncovered detail is adding fuel to the flames of that old leak. Two days later fans discovered another unused Nintendo linked twitter handle @FZeroJP. This handle is a little more exciting to many fans as it is not connected to any previous leaks and potentially points to the return of the long retired FZero franchise. [Nintendo Life]

If the first account is for news related the 35th anniversary for Mario, my only question is why is it not in use yet? The new Super Mario LEGO sets are being tied to the anniversary so they seem like the perfect fare to be promoted by such an account. Am I missing something here?