CMON (Cool Mini or Not) has finally released their A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Kickstarter.

A Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures

From the Kickstarter itself, we can see that with no surprise the miniature sculpts for this game will be gorgeous and come preassembled. Included in the Kickstarter is a Stark vs. Lannister Starter set, which includes 103 miniatures and the Kickstarter exclusive High Seneschal.

So far, the extras unlocked include; The Hound, Maege Mormont, Roose Bolton, Howland Reed, High Sparrow, Ramsay Snow, Eddard Stark, and Kickstarter exclusive sculpts for units already included in the starter set, including a guard captain, Greatjon Umber, a sworn sword leader, and Gregor Clegane. Backers have also unlocked extra boxes that have Bolton Bastard’s Girls, which include 12 miniatures. 4 Miniatures of Stark Longbowmen, and four miniatures of the Knights of Casterly Rock. You also get plastic tokens instead of the typical cardboard. That is all included in the initial pledge of $150.

Like CMON typically does with their Kickstarter they include optional buys. This time these include;  a Battle in the Whispering Wood Playmat, a deluxe rule book that is a Kickstarter exclusive, Woodland Terrain Sets, Northern Ruins Terrain Set, and a Fortification Terrain Set, all of which are Kickstarter exclusives. You can also buy faction specific dice, rulers, or dice bags. They are also offering some extras in addition to what already comes in the starter set. Players can make larger armies with add-ons such as The Knights of Casterly Rock box set, Lannister Guards box set, Lannister Halberdiers box set, Mountain’s Men box set, Stark Sworn Swords, Stark Outriders, Umber Berserkers, and Bolton Bastard’s Girls. They are also offering a unit set that doesn’t come in the starter set or Kickstarter exclusives at all, the Bolton Cutthroats box set.


Also for a miniature tabletop game, the rules are quite rudimentary, which is exactly CMON’s goal. The game is a tabletop miniatures game for beginners. The units come preassembled, you can buy terrain through them, and the rules are beginner friendly. CMON is also working directly with George R.R. Martin on this game, so hopefully, there are some cool scenarios outside of the box.


The rate of increase in pledges seems to be slower for this CMON Kickstarter as opposed to their last two: Rising Sun and Zombicide: The Green Horde. I think it has part to do with it being a tabletop miniatures game, a much more niche section of the board gaming market, and the initial cost of entry being $150, whereas usually CMON Kickstarter come out at the $100 mark.

I for one backed it and threw in another $30 to get the Bolton Cutthroats. Hopefully, we see some other houses come up in the future optional buys or tier rewards, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were holding them back for once the game gets off the ground. I would love to beef up my starter set with more units to create bigger armies, but at $30 a pop I’ll hold off until final release and find out if I want more.