Kickstarter has been a great crowd funding source for tons of different projects but one of the most successful mediums to use it has been board games. It’s to the point where traditional game development and publishing companies are still using it to get pre-orders on their products and offer exclusive items to their backers. While part of me is a little turned off by the idea of major board game companies using Kickstarter to get games preordered when they don’t need the initial funding like some smaller game companies, the included incentives are more than worth it to me.

Here is a brief list of some board games that have recently finished funding on Kickstarter but are still available to preorder.

Zombicide: Green Horde

The funding has ended for this project, just breaking $5,000,000 but it is still available to late pledge. Meaning that even though the campaign is over, you can still preorder and get the Kickstarter bonuses, and this being a CMON (formerly Cool Mini or Not) game the preorder bonuses are crazy. For $120 you get the base game, 15 bonus figures which CMON will probably release as a separate addon at retail, ten abomination figures which are Kickstarter exclusives, meaning that unless you preorder or trade someone for theirs, you will be unable to get it… ever, 35 survivor figures (all but 3 of which are Kickstarter exclusives), 3 Necromancer figures 2 of which are exclusive, and an enormous dragon, four fat zombies, ten new equipment cards, and a box to fit it all in.

You might read that and think that because they are exclusive to Kickstarter or superlative to the main game that they aren’t high quality but I can assure you that CMON does not joke around with their quality of figurines. They also have many optional buys you can add on, which cost extra but are some neat items. Such as 3D doors, 3D hedges and obstacles, and two different expansions that will come out after the base game but you will receive all at once.

I have their previous Zombicide: Black Plague and although it’s not a Kickstarter edition it does have a ton of amazing miniatures. In fact, I’ve yet to play the game, but I have painted quite a few of the tons of miniatures that come with it. So, I passed on Green Horde.

The next game is on the other side of the spectrum.

Hardback – The “Pre-Quill” to Paperback

Hardback has also finished funding, but you can still preorder it through the Kickstarter page. This title is a one-man game, in that Tim Flowers designed and will be publishing the game on his own, and if the previous game is any indication he will also be selling it on his own as well, so it’s more something you’d expect to see on Kickstarter. It includes some stretch goals, but I believe every copy of the game, whether you get it from Kickstarter or not will come with the updated components.

The previous game by designer Tim Flowers, Paperback was sold directly by him as he got production copies made, I’m unsure if this will go the same route. It’s great deck building/word building game. Think Dominion crossed with Scrabble. The first game is one of my wife and me’s favorites, so I jumped on the opportunity to support this project. With smaller projects, the sense of helping a creator has a dream of theirs become a reality is quite extraordinary and although this beat its goal by quite a lot it still feels like you’re helping.

Tech?No!Bowl: Arcade Football Unplugged 

Tech?No!Bowl is the last game I’ll talk about here and was once again has already been funded, and you can buy it from online board game retailers, including and Supplies are low as it began shipping to backers in late June and there is usually some lag between supporters and retailers getting the game. The game is a football simulation game that you can play with basic or advanced rules which include player abilities. In art and style is a throwback to the NES days of football video games as you can tell from the title. I’ve seen demos of the game, and it looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully, I’ll get to try it out soon. I could see this being a good gateway game for a non-board-gamers but a classic video game football fan.

These three game are very different options you can find now on Kickstarter. They have all already been funded and have either shipped already or are coming soon from a well-known name in the market. All of this comes together to eliminate the risk of a terrible game or even no game at all. If you are interested in more stuff like this from us, just let us know. I am always on the lookout for the new hotness when it comes to board games (even though about 80% of my current sizeable collection is still unplayed and in most cases unopened).