This month in Kickstarters we love we have some new board games from new publishers, new board games from older publishers, and a classic reprint from one of the industries legends, also a book guaranteed to pique your interest as it has ours.

The Crawling King

First, we have a unique Kickstarter that looks unique and exciting in The Crawling King

The project is funding for a book that is fully drawn, inked, painted and written by hand by animator Einar Baldvin and published by Starburns Industries of Anomalisa and Rick and Morty fame.

The book is a collection of grim and terrifying stories that found in a destroyed town. The book was entirely made by hand and will be printed on vellum and bound in black making it look as if you just picked it up out of the rubble. The artwork shown in the video shows a Lovecraftian madness that has our gotten our interests.

The Island of El Dorado

Next up is a board game “The Island of El Dorado

In it, you are competing with other players to find temples in the jungle that are growing as you explore it. The game has euro, 4x, civilizations, combat, and features of a racing game while claiming to be easy to learn.

The components look plentiful and unique. I’m interested in checking this one out.


Alexandria” is next up, and it’s from designer Babis Giannios of “Shadows Over the Empire” fame.

It seems to be a euro style game with slight cooperation and variable player powers, both things very un-eurogame like. The theme of the burning of the library of Alexandria is an interesting one, and the art is beautiful. This game looks made for the theme rather than the other way around which puts it right into my wheelhouse.


Next up is “Horizons” from Daily Magic Games.

The project is a 4x style game that claims it can play 2-5 players in 60-75 minutes, which is unheard of for a 4x title. I’m very interested in this one as the art and components look great, and I love a 4x game, the only problem being they take between 3-8 hours, so if this one delivers on its claim of 60-75 minutes than it is definitely on my wishlist.

Stephenson’s Rocket

Next up is a reprint 18 years in the making. “Stephenson’s Rocket

It is a classic from the legendary Dr. Reiner Knizia, designer of too many great games to name. This project is a train game where you play as rail barons looking to invest in new rail lines, build up local industries, and of course transport passengers. This game has long been considered one of Dr. Knizia’s best games but has long been out of print. I love seeing it come back and hope this is a precedent we begin to see more often. The board game industry is constantly looking for the next big hit and games that veteran players recommend to newcomers are getting harder and harder to find as they leave print and don’t come back. Well, this one is coming back, and I can’t wait to try it for the first time.