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Kickstarters We Love | StarFlint

When it comes sci-fi in video games, movies and television, there are a plethora of options to explore. This genre of entertainment has been around before man even made it to the moon and yet creators and developers are still pushing out newer and more creative takes on this beloved world of fantasy. What makes futuristic sci-fi fantasy succeed with the masses is when a story successfully occurs in an already established universe.

Successful franchises, from movies like Star Wars or video games like Mass Effect, build a world that viewers and gamers alike are immediately dropped into and can explore and immerse themselves in. A new sci-fi adventure indie game is looking to break into this world of space travel and adventure by adding its unique spin. Stunmason Games recently released a demo of their 2-D hand drawn point and click adventure game, StarFlint. While the game is in its early stages of development, the demo and features described by the developers show some promise for the small indie games studio looking to make its mark on an already over-packed genre.

StarFlint puts the player in control of an unsuccessful smuggler, Flanagan Flint, who is out to make a name for himself in the galaxy. Throughout his various galactic exploits, Flint will form a team of ragtag characters that provide their specialties, abilities, and quirks. StarFlint will take players all across the galaxy to different planets to meet a broad range of characters that Flint can interact with through a choose your adventure type gameplay that allows for a customized storyline with multiple options and outcomes.

Players will also have the choice of playing as Trixie, a young female character with a troubled past that can take care of herself. The developers see this title as a Lucas Arts style game with a Fallout Shelter feel to it encompassed in a point and click adventure game.The demo for StarFlint released by Stunmason Games mainly depicts none of what has been mentioned above, but it still allows those wanting to sample the game to get an understanding of what this indie studio is looking to achieve.

Throughout the demo, we get to see all the intricate and detailed artwork that Stunmason has apparently put an enormous amount of time and effort into developing. While it comes off as very simple, every little detail has earned individual attention, and it works out very well. The soundtrack for the game is also very fitting and is well produced. There is a good mixture of what seems like electronic keyboard crossed with metal guitar play.

There are some puzzles and inventory item interaction that will make you scratch your head at first, but nothing too confusing was on display in the demo. Based on the creativity and originality that the developers are trying to put into this game, puzzles and mini-games may prove to be very entertaining in the final product.

StarFlint’s sound production with the voices could use a little work. There is a moment in the demo when one of the crew members of a prison ship experiences some interference in communication, but there is no distortion at all in the audio that one would expect. Also, the game could probably benefit from better voice acting, but there isn’t a lot of character interaction in the demo to know for sure. The witty dialogue that takes place between characters and comments on objects that can the player interacts with isn’t anything that will make you burst out laughing, but it may provide a slight smirk here and there. While StarFlint makes an attempt to be witty through crude dialogue and some NSFW imagery, it’s hard to tell if developers are poking fun at themselves or if it is an honest attempt to be funny.

There are still some questions as to how the story will play out in the final product. The storyline of the smuggler character and their hijinks in space is nothing new, and while the developers claim that the open world concept and living world storyline is one of key aspects of the game, one must wonder if the game will become very repetitive. Stunmason Games seems very confident in what they are developing though, so we’ll have to see what they come up with in the finished product

Overall, it is evident that a lot of effort went into the surrounding aesthetics of StarFlint. The different explorable areas have a lot of detail with beautiful use of color. The soundtrack is well produced, and it looks like the developers know precisely what they want to get out of their storyline, and free roam environments. The small indie studio Stunmason Games seems very confident in their product, and that’s a good thing, but will the game live up to the hype they have created for themselves? Either way, StarFlint feels like it can be a solid game with a few tweaks here and there. It is an indie game to look out for with an expected release date sometime in 2018.

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