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Local Color | ‘Castle Rock‘ Recap

This is the recap for Episode 3 of Castle Rock. We have recaps available for the entire season, starting with the first episode.

Season 1 | Episode 3 | ‘Local Color’ | Aired July 25, 2018

Episode three of Castle Rock is different than the previous two as it focuses on Molly. It adds a significant plot device and further develops who may turn out to be the shows, the main protagonist.

The episode opens with Molly as a kid sneaking into the Deaver house. Henry is still missing, and his foster father is on life support. She puts on the red flannel we saw her keeping in a box in episode one and goes upstairs. Molly then unplugs the life support machine killing Pastor Deaver. She does not show remorse.

We next see Molly as an adult in a dream where she is walking through a Deaver house filled with snow. She reaches the second floor and finds herself in a church where a bandaged Pastor Deaver asks who she is to defy the will of his Lord. The church is then shown to be full of people with bandages on their heads and faces.

Molly wakes up and acts as if she had this dream before and went to her kitchen. She takes a Percocet. She wasn’t lying when she told her dealer that she has an issue.

Henry is at the local bar The Mellow Tiger, which is in King’s book Needful Things. He is flipping through the local paper and sees an ad for Molly’s real estate business. She was one of his few friends when he was a kid, either because he was black or because his parents were very strict, we don’t know yet.

We next see Molly with her friend Jackie Torrance talking about an appearance she has scheduled for a town revitalization project on a local news show. Jackie Torrance has been in every episode. We haven’t seen much about her, but her name is almost the same as The Shining’s antagonist Jack Torrance. There was no Jackie in the book or movie or mention of Castle Rock. But in Doctor Sleep the sequel about an adult Danny Torrance Castle Rock is brought up in passing.

Henry stops by Molly’s office to have her help sell his old house, and she begins to hear his thoughts as he is talking to her. We hear his conversation with the woman who was executed in Texas in episode one. She acts as if this has happened before and is frustrated by it. She tells a confused Henry no, and he leaves.

We then see a flashback of Henry burning a VHS tape and saying, “Fuck you, dad.” A young Molly is watching and invites him into her bedroom. In the room, there are posters of bands all over the walls, and Henry doesn’t know who the Violent Femmes are. Presumably, he doesn’t know who any of the bands are as he goes to Catholic school now and we get the sense his foster parents are very controlling, even abusive.

Molly admits to Henry that she can hear his thoughts and feel his feelings when he is in his room at night. Before he can react, his father calls him back home. Henry doesn’t have any memories before being found at the lake in 1991, so he wouldn’t have remembered this revelation. It could also be the motive for Molly killing Henry’s father if there was abuse happening.

Molly’s house is broken into, but nothing is stolen, and the recent brush with Henry has her needing some more pills, but her dealer is out. He tells her to go to a local campsite to buy from a guy there. There she finds a room of children is creepy homemade masks holding a mock trial. The scene is freaky as all hell, but nothing happens in it. The children claim she is guilty and the judge takes her out of the room telling her he is the dealer, but the kids don’t know. As she is buying the pills, the police show up.

Henry helps Molly out of jail, but she is still off-put by him. She eventually tells him that around him she can’t think straight but doesn’t admit to the telepathy. She explains that she was supposed to be on the local news show and Henry makes sure to get her there in time to appear. Because of her lack of pills or Henry’s presence, she freezes up on camera and then reveals to the town on live television that a young man is being held prisoner at Shawshank and no one knows where he came from. She, of course, shouldn’t know this but she is also telepathic.

After this, the warden has no choice and allows Henry in to see the prisoner. She wants to cut a deal and let him go, and Henry wants to push for kidnapping charges and destroy the private prison. He has a tense meeting with the prisoner, and the prisoner asks him “do you hear it now?” Something Henry was asked in a flashback in the snowy woods, presumably before he lost his memory.

Molly Returns home and finds her house to broken into again. This time she hears a noise upstairs and gets a knife. When she runs up the stairs, Molly sees the dead Pastor Deaver in his frock and face bandages who tells her, “Behold, I will tell you a mystery” before disappearing.

This episode moved the plot along but didn’t have any great revelations about the shows main mystery, the prisoner. It does reveal that Molly has the shining. King has used the shining in many of his books as a telepathic power and sometimes telekinetic. This is pretty huge because there are only a few who do have it and for the most part they have been the heroes of their story.

Castle Rock is available Wednesdays on Hulu at 12 a.m.

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