As Avengers: Infinity War celebrates another big box office weekend, comic book fans have something else to celebrate. This month ushers in Marvel’s “Fresh Start” initiative. The latest in a series of reboots, Marvel Editor-In-Chief CB Cebluski calls “Fresh Start” a “line-wide change in talent.”
At the center of the event is a promotional splash image that contains many well-known heroes. Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Wolverine, and Jean Grey signal a return to what some would call “classic Marvel”. More surprising is the inclusion of Miles Morales’ Spider-Man and Jessica Jones, both of whom began life under the masterful hand of Brian Michael Bendis. Bendis has recently left Marvel to work for DC Comics.

New Creative with Classic Characters

With Bendis’ exit and a general shake-up in creators, Marvel appears to be aiming to capitalize on the release of Avengers: Infinity War. But, there is also a particular undercurrent of suspicion. It seems that Marvel is also responding to negative feedback from a subsection of fans.
The criticism began with the replacement of flagship characters with a more diverse cast, both in race and gender. Many thought of this as a breath of fresh air to combat the stale arcs faced by many of the landmark heroes. But others saw it as a veiled attempt by Marvel to placate criticism from “social justice warriors.” The reinstatement of original characters seems to be an attempt to appease these new critics.
Whether true, false or somewhere between, Marvel’s “Fresh Start” promises a great beginning for any comic book fans. New fans excited by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a continuation of awesomeness for veteran readers will find much to love.