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A Major Marvel Character Is Back


“Guess who’s back, back again?” If you guessed the been dead for three years Marvel superhero, Wolverine, you’d be correct!

After a fatal run-in with adamantium in Death of Wolverine, we thought we’d seen the last of this beloved character. But, Logan lives to slash again!

Marvel Legacy #1, by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, will release Wednesday, September 27th and will feature the once dead Wolverine’s epic return. So far, we don’t have many details about this recover from death feat – the storyline should unfold in future issues!

What we do know is this – someone gave Wolverine an Infinity Stone to protect!

Besides the mystery of Wolverine’s return (was Logan dead?), the procurement of the Infinity Stone leaves us with many more questions to ponder. Was a cosmic entity involved in the return of Wolverine? What role will this Wolverine play in Infinity Wars? Who might Wolverine encounter throughout this storyline?

Furthermore, Wolverine’s return in Marvel Legacy #1 raises, even more, questions in regards to the fate of the other Logan/Wolverine characters currently alive in the Marvel Universe. What will happen to Old Man Logan and Laura Kinney (X-23) now that this Wolverine has returned?

We can’t wait to see how this story unfolds and the secrets it brings! Let us know your thoughts on the reveal on Twitter and Facebook!

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