“ResurrXion is all about embracing the [X-Men’s] original dream of coexisting with humans and fighting together to make a better world. All the books in some way, shape, or form, embrace that idea. We’re going to get back to flights, and tights, and capes, and all the classic X-Men tropes. We very much want to hearken back to that era where it’s the most classic iteration of the X-Men.” Daniel Ketchum, an editor overseeing the entire X-Men line up, said describing what to expect in the upcoming X-Men comics. His description alone should give you an idea of what to expect from ResurrXion, but don’t worry that little bit wasn’t enough to wet our appetites either so we have details on the upcoming comic series coming for the X-Men and some details on the standalone book that is supposed to set the tone for all of ResurrXion’s stories, X-Men: Prime.

X-Men Prime (2017) #1

X-Men Prime

Starting up right where Inhumans Vs. X-Men ended, much like Inhumans: Prime does. This puts our heroes at the tail end of a war where they were manipulated and used primarily as pawns by vengeful telepath, Emma Frost. Although the Terrigen Cloud that threatened them was destroyed by Medusa, the X-Men still have a lot to do to make things right after their battles with the Inhumans. Picking up the pieces and reorganizing won’t be easy for the team, allies have fallen and allegiances have changed, which will give the children of the atom plenty to work through in this ResurrXion launch issue.

X-Men Gold

This is the title for the veteran X-Men being led by Kitty Pride. About Kitty in this title, Ketchum has said, “She really was the Xavier student so, in a lot of ways, the dream has come full circle. Kitty is now the person picking up the mantle and leading the team forward in the name of Xavier’s dream.” Her team consists of Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan and Rachel Grey. Many of those are team members with as much or more experience than she has, so it will be interested to see how the fan favorite leads.

X-Men Blue

When the original team of X-Men were pulled out of their own timeline into the present a lot of people were wary about how things would go. Overall fans have been satisfied and have enjoyed watching the younger versions that we originally fell in love with interact with their older counterparts. Now they are without their teacher and as a tribute to him are returning their focus to his primary goal: Good human mutant relations. However, they are still only teenagers and want a mentor. Our team is turning to the master of magnetism, Magneto the enemy of the timeline they came from, for guidance. He has promised to help them take down anyone who stands as a threat to improving human mutant relations. Additionally Jean Grey is stepping up as the team’s leader, which is a new dynamic for the group as well.

Jean Grey

Speaking of Jean Grey, this younger version of the character has yet to face her biggest threat: the Phoenix Force. That is what the solo title will be centered around. “Jean’ll get a premonition that the future she feared is actually a lot closer than she thought. The Phoenix is a very real threat,” says Ketchum, so she will be doing everything she can to prepare such as talking to heroes like Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider and “Anyone who knows something about other forces or being possessed, or speaks to the mission she’s undergoing she’s going to have an adventure with.” Don’t be surprised if her journey to face her demon leaks into other series as well.


Following the older version of the character, this series will explore who he wants to be. Bobby has realized that his younger self knows where he is trying to go, but that he himself, the older Bobby, does not. Young Bobby has challenged everything Old Bobby thought he understood about himself, his sexuality, his potential, his role in the team, and that has made Old Bobby want to redefine himself. He doesn’t want to just be the joke teller of the X-Men family anymore. It will be interesting to see where they take the character, though exploring his Omega-Level powers has been promised.


When you pick up a comic featuring Cable, it is a safe bet here is going to be some time hopping. When Cable is finally getting his own solo comic book, you can guarantee he is going to be all over the timeline. We’ve been told that is exactly what our main man will be up to as he tries to fix a damaged timeline. Not to mention that fact that after all of the X-Men’s typical father figures have died Cable has been hinted to be filling that role for the team as well.

Generation X

This one is for the misfits. These mutants may not have the most incredible of mutations, but they still want to be a force for good. Led by Jubilee these teens will face off against villains, including some from the original Generation X run, that they are not equipped to handle. There are sure to be plenty of growing pains for the group, which includes Nature Girl, Eye Boy, Bling, Quentin Quire, and more.

Weapon X

After the X-Men survived the Terrigen Cloud debacle some people are worried that Mutants can’t go extinct. The Weapon X program was resurrected to keep mutants in check and take down those who are most likely to step out of line and cause real damage if the mutants ever need to be put into check again. This series will see their primary targets (Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Warpath, Lady Deathstrike, and Domino) come together in an attempt to shut the nefarious program down. This is not a group of heros or a group of villians, but a group of both. It is safe to assume they will be fighting each other along the way as well.

ResurrXion has been promised to be a fresh start to the X-Men after their time fighting the Inhumans. It will supposedly appease the fans who feel the X-Men have been abused since the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The stories announced definitely hold promise, only time will tell if they turn out to be great like the X-Men comics of the golden age.