Fans of Smallville rejoice, the world’s greatest Lex Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum, is returning to the live-action superhero genre. The question now is just who is he playing?

Four years ago, Rosenbaum tweeted that he had read for the part of Peter Quill in the first Guardians movie. That role has obviously been filled since then, but his friendship with director James Gunn has continued.

Flash forward four years and it seems that Gunn has not given up on trying to get his friend into the Guardians franchise. Gunn announced on the Adam Carolla Show that Rosenbaum has a “pretty decent” role in the film. He also announced that Sylvester Stallone would be in the film and that those two characters would be very closely linked to one and other. Rosenbaum instantly took to twitter to follow up on the announcement.

Gunn’s response that Stallone and Rosenbaum will have major roles in the film makes it sound like their characters should be identifiable to comic book readers. Don’t expect any movie studio to be shelling out Michael Rosenbaum money, let alone Sly money, for a couple of interesting new Ravagers.

So who do you expect these two to be playing in the next film? Gunn had a lot of success bringing an old Guardian into the new universe with Michael Ridder’s Yondu is the first movie. Should we expect more members of the old comic Guardians? The two could also be members of the Nova Corps. Stallone could be his more experienced trainer and Rosenbaum could play the part of Nova himself. Or something more important to the comic book mythology? We still haven’t heard anything about an Adam Warlock….

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