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Batman: Under the Red Hood remains a thrilling, seminal Batman arc

Arguably the best DCAU movie, Under the Red Hood features a great storyline and strong characterizations in an iconic storyline.

Complete Guide to Movies | October 2020

October brings several high-profile offerings to streaming and theaters, including new offerings from Sofia Coppola and Aaron Sorkin.

Christoper Nolan returns with fun, frustrating Tenet

Starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, and Elizabeth Debicki, Nolan’s latest mind-bender is as exciting as it is inscrutable.

What Happened At DC Fandome?

You may know that DC Fandome happened over the weekend. But what you might not know is what, exactly, DC Fandome is

2 Many Batmen? | Nerd Numbers

From August 17 to August 23, 2020 7 DC Videos at Fandome Last Saturday DC Comics and Warner Bros. hosted their first ever Fandome event: a...

Double Feature | Nerd Numbers

From August 3 to August 9, 2020 & from August 10 to August 16, 2020 That's right! We are covering two weeks of numbers to...

Featured Stories

2 Mean Plumbers | Nerd Numbers

From July 27 to August 2, 2020 30 Year Old Code Leaked (& Older) The nerve of the Nintendo fandom has been struck. Last week began...

5 New Dancers, 39 New Dance Tracks, & 1 New Dance Routine | Nerd...

From July 20 to July 26, 2020 5 Game Announcements Last Monday morning Nintendo aired a "Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase". The Direct was heavily rumored...

Is it Two Birds? Or Two Boxes? | Nerd Numbers

From July 13 to July 19, 2020 1 More Bird Box Netflix Film In 2018 Netflix had perhaps one of its most unusual hits. Their film...

Ghosts of Tsushima | Samurai movies to watch before you play

With the arrival of Ghosts of Tsushima on PS4, we take a look at some samurai films to check out for some background and insight into that world.

1 Tie on an Ape | Nerd Numbers

From July 6 to July 12, 2020 3 more classic Nintendo games This Wednesday two Super Nintendo games and one Nintendo Entertainment System game will be...

The Old Guard is a solid Netflix comic book movie | Review

Netflix's latest original movie is an R-rated comic book actioner with a loaded cast and some good action. As a potential franchise starter, it's solid.

Have Your Best Indoorpendence Day

Happy Indoorpendence Day. Enjoy these patriotic American titles while staying safe at home. Here's hoping it's the last.

Complete Guide to Movies | June 2020

Spike Lee, Kenneth Branagh, and Judd Apatow all have high-profile efforts coming to streaming and VOD in June, including a potential awards contender.

The X-Universe Lives On! | Nerd Numbers

Sharks, super heroes, and Star Trek in this week's Nerd Numbers rundown.

DC Comics on HBO Max | Quarantine Guide

With the launch of HBO Max and news of the upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut, we take a look at some of the DC Comics offerings on the streaming platform.

Don’t Mess with Nintendo | Nerd Numbers

Nintendo lawsuits, Tenet on Fortnite, and the Snyder Cut are just some of the nerdy numbers on display this week.

The Lovebirds is funny but forgettable | Review

Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae are great together in The Lovebirds, which is amusing but ultimately doesn't live up to the promise of its potential.

Romance? Comedy? Why not both? | Quarantine Guide

This week, we take a look at the best romantic comedies available on streaming platforms, including Netflix's new release: The Lovebirds.

How Many Screens? | Nerd Numbers

From May 11 to May 17, 2020 8,000 Screens Solstice Studios wants to release their film Unhinged starring Russell Crowe on July 1 so it can...

‘Extraction’ is a brutally violent action flick from Netflix | Review

Chris Hemsworth leads a solid action movie from Netflix, which delivers brutal violence and thrilling chases in equal measure.
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