Pitch is a new series here on Nerd It Here First where one of us will write a short piece pitching an idea for a new TV show that we think could be a serious hit. For our first installment enjoy The Orphan.

The Pitch

The Orphan would be a reality TV show in the same vein as The Bachelor. Instead of a focus on romance, the show would focus on family. You would have one orphan, and many couples would compete for the privilege to adopt the child. Each episode would be filmed over the course of a week or two and would feature one orphan and five couples. At the end of the episode, a committee of judges (child care professionals of various specialties) would choose the pair that is the best fit for the child. That couple would then get to adopt the kid. The judges would also deem a couple unqualified for adoption to be sent home. In making the show, a competition for adults and not children networks avoid a situation that is harmful to children. The three couples who neither won nor lost will stick around to be on the show the next week with a new kid.

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America still loves its reality TV, and they also love a good love story. The problem is the people are getting tired of seeing their reality love story crash and burn when the camera’s stop rolling. The Orphan would be a love story unique in its non-romantic nature and in a situation where those on the show won’t be as inclined to give up after the spot-light moves on.


Prime Time. Wednesday nights at 8:00 would be perfect. Early enough for the family to watch together and in the middle of the week to give viewers a heartwarming pick-me-up to finish the week with.


Home to The Bachelor, ABC feels like the perfect fit for a show like this. Not only are audience used to the format of The Bachelor, but the structure of the show fosters a social experience. People watch the show in groups, and the network could use those show to promote adoptions generally, not just on the show.


Everyone likes shows that do and promote good. This show would do just that. Each episode would highlight a different Adoption agency to help them get their kids into loving homes.


To give the show a high profile start ABC could try to get some Bachelor or Bachelorette alum to come on as first contestant couples on the show. They would need to be careful though to only get couples genuine in their interest in adoption.

What do you think? Would you watch The Orphan? What would you change to the Pitch you see here to make the show better?