Who doesn’t love free video games? In January, PS4 gamers with a PlayStation Plus subscription are in luck. They have the opportunity to play some fantastic games this month without spending a dime.

The first game available to PlayStation Plus subscribers is Deus Ex: Mankind DividedThe sci-fi game set in a not too distant future mixes our favorite parts of first-person shooters, stealth games, and RPGs for a final product you can’t miss.

PlayStation Plus subscribers also have the chance this month to download Batman: A Telltale Series. Telltale has always touted their games as an arena where “choices have consequences.” But the first of Telltale’s two Batman games was the first place where our staff noticed the difference. Plus, it was a great game with an exciting story and some unpredictable twists for Batman veterans.

Sony has also included a selection of games for their other popular platforms. PS3 players can get their hands on Sacred and The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. And PS Vita players will be able to download Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness and Uncanny Valley.

So those are the games you can get for free this month on PlayStation Plus! Which ones are you looking to download in January? Let us know in the comments. Plus, be sure to follow us on Twitter @NerdItHereFirst to keep up with all the video game news you need to know.