Playstation Plus | September 2017

This month for free on PlayStation Plus are some unique games as well as a AAA early system release.

Starting September 5th the following games will be free with PlayStation Plus:

Children of Light

Child of Light (PS4) – Here is a gorgeous and unique RPG that takes place in a fantasy world that starts in 1895 Austria and goes from there. The combat style is reminiscent of Grandia or later Final Fantasy games with an active time battle.

Infamous Second Son

Infamous Second Son (PS4) This is the third game in the Infamous series and came out shortly after the PS4 did. Like the rest of the series, you play as a super powered protagonist in Seattle. I’ve never played an Infamous game, so I look forward to trying this one out.

We Are Doomed

We Are Doomed (PS4, VITA) – This is a twin stick shoot-em-up with very trippy visuals. I’ve never played it, but one look at the trailer shows me exactly what kind of game it is. I’ll grab it and play it on VITA as it’s a great system for quick pick up and put down games like this.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend (PS4, VITA) – This is the infamous bird dating simulator. That’s all I have to say about it. I do look forward to trying it for free though.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

RIGS Mechanized Combat League (PSVR) – I don’t know much about this title but it is the first PSVR game on Plus for free, so that’s an exciting step by Sony.

Truck Racer

Truck Racer (PS3) – I assume you race trucks in this PS3 title.

Handball 2016

Handball 2016 (PS3) – I didn’t know there was a Handball game. Now I do. I feel the same as I did before I knew it existed.