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PS5 vs Xbox Series X and All the Letters in Between

With the raw numbers and technical specifications released for both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, it is now possible to compare which one of these powerhouse machines is truly the most powerful gaming console…. sort of. We’ll know what hardware is running in each of these beasts but it’s important to keep in mind that gaming consoles are different than your extremely well built at home gaming PC. The parts don’t directly compare because the math these parts are specifically designed to be good at is different. That is a drastic oversimplification but it’s important to note.


Both consoles use similar CPUs but they both use them differently. Both have a custom Zen 2 CPU with eight cores. Xbox will run theirs at 3.8 GHz and drop down to 3.66 GHz as needed. The PlayStation 5 will run theirs at 3.5 GHz but then adjust as needed based on demands. Practically speaking, these are both really good and even though Xbox technically has the bigger number the PlayStation using a variable frequency will be able to run the console in a way to keep power and cooling consistently.


Getting into graphics! If the CPU is the piece that runs the console, the GPU is the piece that makes games look pretty. Xbox could technically say they have the slight edge on this front though not by much. Again both consoles are using a custom RDNA 2, Xbox at 12 TFLOPS 52 CUs at 1.8 GHz. PlayStation at 10.28 TFLOPS 36 CUs at 2.2 GHz.

Whoop-Dee-Do Basil but what does it all mean? 1 TFLOP or teraflop is a unit to measure one trillion of a specific type of calculation called a floating-point calculation. This is actually one of the major difference between PC parts and console parts. It also just so happens that this type of math is really important to render graphics. Console parts are specifically designed with this type of math in mind and the Xbox will be able to do more of them more quickly which should give it the edge in most game settings but not all. Getting back to the CPU, The PlayStation has the ability to adjust speeds, so if the right game comes along (say an exclusive title built specifically for this hardware) it could run better than an Xbox…. in theory.


Gone are the days of the HDD. Both of these consoles are going to have solid-state drives internally which is great news for gamer’s quality of life. It’s hard to give a real edge to one or the other in this category. Xbox Series X internal SSD drive will have 1 TB of storage while Sony’s PlayStation will have “only” 825 GBs. Except the difference is the PlayStation’s SSD will run at 5.5 GB/s (RAW) or 8-9 GB/s compressed to Xbox’s 2.4 GB/s (RAW) 4.8 GB/s compressed. What these numbers actually mean, is that if you really like reading the tips and tricks during loading screens the PlayStation will not be for you.

Currently, these are just the raw numbers and data available to the public. A lot of how a specific game runs on each of these consoles will be up to the developers of the games to utilize this tech properly. Both are impressive consoles. If you asked me which one was better it would be difficult to answer. I’d say that The Xbox is the stronger machine while the PlayStation may run certain specific titles better. It’s a relay race and were still waiting for the software folks to bring the games to see which console truly comes out ahead.

Bottom line:

Xbox Series X PlayStation 5 Winner
CPU AMD Zen 2 3.8GHz, eight-core AMD Zen 2 3.5GHz, eight-core Xbox

12 teraflops, 52CU


10.28 teraflops, 36CU

Storage 1TB NVMe SSD 825GB NVMe SSD PlayStation


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