Game of Thrones is back and it’s the beginning of the end now that Winter is here. This seven episode season is the second to last season of the hit HBO show and has to get all of the pieces into place for Game of Thrones’ final season. With five episodes left this season, we think we’ve got a pretty good idea of what is going to happen. We’ve pieced together all the best spoilers and set photos we could find from around the internet to let you know what is happening this season. Obviously, spoilers for Game of Thrones.

Episode 3

Jon and Davos get to Dragonstone. Tyrion greets them on the beach. He tries to convince Jon that Danny would be the best choice to sit the Iron Throne. Jon and Davos follow him up to the castle to meet Danny. On the way up to the castle, they run into Missandei and Grey Worm. When they get to the castle, the throne room is filled with Dothraki.

Dany and Jon meet and Dany respects Jon immediately. Nevertheless, Dany demands that Jon bends the knee but Jon refuses. Jon tells Dany about the White Walkers. Dany doesn’t believe him. Tyrion vouches for Jon though, pulling on their experience together from Season 1 and insisting he isn’t crazy. Davos tries to tell people about Jon’s resurrection but Jon wants him to keep it a secret. Melesandre says she has fulfilled her task by bringing together Ice and Fire.

The Unsullied and the Dothraki take Jon’s ships to Casterly Rock. They attack Casterly Rock through a secret sewer entrance that Tyrion used to use to sneak whores in. They successfully take Casterly Rock, but it is a small victory. Jamie successfully rallied the Lords of Westeros around Cersei.

Euron Greyjoy returns to King’s Landing with his gift for Cersei, Ellaria Sand. Ellaria killed Cersei’s daughter Myrcella with poison. As his gift to Cersei, Euron will force Ellaria to watch as her daughter, Tyene, dies slowly from poison as well.

In the North, Bran is reunited with Sansa when he arrives back at Winterfell. After dropping him off, Mera leaves him to return to her own home.

Theon is rescued from the sea by some of Danny’s Iron Born.

Episode 4

Cersei is pregnant with Jamie’s baby. She has Qyburn examine her. She tells Jamie before he set out on his military campaign against Dany. After losing Casterly Rock, the Lannisters will take Dorne and Highgarden. The victory at Highgarden is even more significant since it is the source of most of the food in Westeros.

At Highgarden, Lady Olena will confess to Jamie that she is the one who killed Joffrey with poison. Instead of killing her in the sack, Jamie allows her to drink poison while the Lannister forces are taking the castle.

In retaliation for the Lannister attacks on Dorne and Highgarden, Danny rides out with her dragons and sets fire to some of the families loyal to Cersei. This includes Sam’s brother and father. During this outing, the Dothraki and Dany are attacked by a Lannister army in the Reach. Jamie and Bron are both among the army. They use Qyburn’s weapon to attack Drogon. The arrow pierces Drogon’s wing, and he is only down for a moment. In that time, Jamie tries to attack Drogon, but he finds the dragon to be more than he can handle. Bron rescues Jamie and they ride back to King’s Landing while Danny’s army returns to Dragonstone.

Back at Dragonstone, Tyrion and Varys worry about Danny. They see her setting fire to the kingdom and worry she will become the Mad Queen like her father, the Mad King, who tried to burn down King’s Landing. Meanwhile, Jon and Theon are reunited when Dany’s fleet returns. Jon tells Theon that if he hadn’t saved Sansa, he’d be dead.

In the north, Arya arrives at Winterfell and is reunited with her sister and Bran.

Episode 5

Sam, Gilly, and the baby leave Oldtown for heading for Winterfell. Gilly has discovered that Rhegar Targarian and Leanna Stark were married.

In the North, Brienne trains Arya at Winterfell.

Jorah arrives at Dragonstone and is reunited with Danny. Jorah doesn’t like Jon, probably because Jorah himself was exiled by Ned Stark. When Jon finds out who Jorah is, he offers him Longclaw, the Valerian Steel sword that once belonged to his father, Jor Mormont, the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Jorah refuses the gift but begins to warm to Jon. Jon receives a raven from Sansa telling him that Arya and Bran are at Winterfell.

In King’s Landing, Jamie, Bronn, Tyrion, and Davos have a secret meeting. Tyrion tries to convince Jamie and Bronn to surrender to Dany. He still believes that Dany is the best chance for Westeros’ future. Jamie and Bronn refuse to surrender. On the way out of King’s Landing, Davos finds Gendry making weapons at a Black Smith’s shop. He jokes that he assumed Gendry was still rowing that boat somewhere. Gendry comes with Davos and Tyrion back to Dragonstone.

Jon has realized that the only way to convince the Lords of Westeros about the dangers in the North is to bring back a Wight as proof. He asks Davos, Jorah, and Gendry to come with him. They all get onto a boat together, saying goodbye to Dany before they go.

Episode 6

At Winterfell, Littlefinger is trying to play Arya and Sansa against each other. He uses a letter that Sansa wrote to Robb years ago to try and trick Arya into questioning her sister’s loyalties.

Meanwhile, Jon, Davos, Jorah, and Gendry arrive at Eastwatch-By-The-Sea, the Night Watch’s castle where The Wall meets the ocean. Tormund and the wildlings have been living there, defending the wall from the dead army. They also find The Hound, Beric, and Thors in the dungeons of Eastwatch. Jon takes Tormund, The Hound, Beric, Thoros, Jorah, and Gendry to hunt for wights they can bring back as proof of the dangers in the North

The team is attacked by The Army of the Dead, which includes an undead bear. The bear kills Thoros. A White Walker kills Beric. The surviving members of the party are surrounded on all sides by the dead. They stand on an island in the middle of a frozen lake with nowhere to go. They are all near defeat when Dany shows up with her dragons. She rescues everyone except Jon and flies them back to Eastwatch. Jon stays behind to try and catch his wight.

He is almost killed when Benjen shows up to save him. Jon rides away on Benjen’s horse while Benjen is swarmed by the undead. Jon is badly wounded but he makes it back to Eastwatch alive. However, one of Dany’s dragons, Viserion, dies in the battle. The Night’s King resurrects him and rides him.

At Eastwatch, Jon offers to lay down his title as King In The North and swear fielty to Dany. His only condition is that Dany and her armies help fight against the White Walkers.

Episode 7

Cersei wakes up in a pool of blood, having miscarried in her sleep. Later in the day, she hosts a meeting in the Dragon Pits of King’s Landing. At the meeting, Cersei, Tyrion, Dany, Jon, Brienne, Jorah, The Hound, Varys, Messandei, Qyburn, and the Mountain talk about the threat in the North. Jon shows everyone the White Walker, and Cersei is particularly terrified of it. He proves that the only things that kill them are Dragonglass or fire. Jon makes the case that the Seven Kingdoms need to unite against the armies of the dead if they want to survive.

Cersei promises to send her armies north to help with the fight. She and Tyrion later have a one-on-one conversation for the first time since she accused him of murdering Joffrey. When Jon’s party leaves, Cersei confesses to Jamie that she will not really help in the fight against the undead. Her plan is to let the Walkers thin out her enemy, and then have her armies finish the job. Jamie is disgusted with her and rides north to help Jon.

At Winterfell, Sansa realizes she is being played by Littlefinger with Bran’s help. She sentences him to death. Arya carries out the sentence. Bran wargs back to Rhegar and Leanna’s wedding. He and Sam are able to combine their knowledge to discover Jon’s true heritage. He is a legitimized Targaryen, and his true name is Aegon.

On the boat ride to the North, Jon and Dany have sex for the first time. At the same time, the Wall falls. The Night King attacks the Night’s Watch on the back of his undead dragon. Viserion now breathes blue flames.

So that’s it. That’s everything we know about this season of Game of Thrones. What do you think? Is there anything here you’re particularly excited about? Anything you doubt will happen? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter. And be sure to check back with us for all your Game of Thrones news.