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Spider-Man: Far From Home | Trailer Breakdown

Nine months after Thanos snapped him out of existence, Peter Parker seems to be doing just fine. There are reports that there was some behind the scenes chatter between Sony and Marvel on this trailer’s timing. Marvel probably isn’t thrilled about us all seeing Peter in such a not ash cloud state. Nevertheless, the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home came out this week. And there’s a ton to break down.

We’ll be going through everything we can glean from the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. We don’t have any extra information about what happens in the movie. But we will be relying on a wealth of Spider-Man comic book knowledge to fill in some gaps. So if you’re the type of person who likes to go into a movie knowing nothing, then take Jake Gyllenhall’s advice here.

As we pointed out earlier, Peter seems surprisingly healthy for a guy who was turned to dust the last time we saw him. This probably provides some insight into what we can expect from Avengers: End Game. But that’s a different post. Here we’re limiting our wild speculation to all things Spider-Man. And he’s living his best life. Right off the bat, we see that there isn’t any conflict between Peter and Aunt May about him being Spider-Man. She’s even making appearances to talk about how great she thinks Spider-Man is for the neighborhood.

It quickly becomes evident that The Stark Foundation is hosting the event where Aunt May and Spider-Man are appearing. Happy Hogan awkwardly pivots his way through a set of double doors with a big check, before establishing some grade AAA sexual tension with Peter’s aunt. But the real thing to note in this scene is that the aforementioned comically big check has Pepper Potts’ name on the signature line. Cross one more name off the list of people who could die in Endgame.

Then, we get a quick montage that sets up the central plot of the film. Peter and his classmates are taking a trip to Europe. Peter’s collecting up all the things that he’ll need while abroad. But he very pointedly decides to leave his Spider-Man suit behind, stating that “Europe doesn’t really need a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.” Instead, he stuffs some normal Peter Parker clothes into a suitcase with his Uncle Ben’s initials. He also hits up his favorite bodega to get a toothbrush. The shop has been rebuilt, and now features a display of pro-Spider-Man news!

There’s also a fun easter egg for comic book fans when Peter goes to pick up his passport. The date of birth listed on his passport is August 10. The first ever comic book appearance by Spider-Man was in Amazing Fantasy #15 which hit shelves on August 10, 1962. It’s also interesting that there isn’t a year anywhere on the passport, which goes back to that Endgame theory I will eventually write a post about. In the meantime, Peter is off to Europe!

We see Peter and his friends, including MJ, Ned, and Flash at some famous European landmarks. Early on, most of the establishing shots are in Venice. Spider-Man: Far From Home is setting up the classic Peter Parker problem of wanting to balance being a superhero with being a normal teenager. And things seem to be going surprisingly well for the old wall-crawler until he is interrupted by the (former ?) head of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury.

Fury’s line in the trailer is “Nice to finally meet you, Spider-Man.” Although, it’s worth noting that we don’t see his face when he says the first part of that line. And considering how Marvel has lied to us in previous trailers, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a decoy line and the two are first introduced in Avengers: Endgame.

The next few cuts provide some establishing information for Nick Fury. First, he and Spider-Man sneak through the canals of Venice under cover of night. This definitely tracks with the story we’ve seen of Fury so far. The former shield director faked his own death at the end of Captain America: Winter Soldier. He’s supposed to be living in secret. So a Nick Fury who travels by night and lives in the shadows make sense.

In the immediate next cut, however, we see Fury on top of the world. Given the context (which we’ve already said may be deliberately misleading) it looks like Fury is standing in London’s Shard. Wherever he is, he is giving off a very pre-Winter Soldier vibe. Nick Fury seems less like he’s living in hiding and more like he’s running the world. Might we see an Agent Nick Fury back in power? It’s certainly an exciting prospect.

There’s one more fun call out for Spider-Man fans before things really start to come unhinged. Peter is reacting to some kind of danger and is gliding across the sky on his web wings. Since Spider-Man: Homecoming, Marvel has done a lot of work to bring Spider-Man back to his roots. Seeing Peter Parker gliding on the web wings Steve Ditko designed for him back in 1962 is a great reminder of how exciting it is to finally have Peter Parker in the MCU.

A few rapid shots give us a look at the villains Spider-Man will be matching up against in this next movie. We first see Maria Hill and Nick Fury taking shots at a monstrous large creature that appears to be made of dirt and sand. Fans who remember Spider-Man 3 (I’m sorry) might immediately think this is the villain Sandman. But the trailer gives us more context that suggests that isn’t the case.

We also see a villain made out of fire, and another made out of water. While, again, fans of the comics or 1990s animated series might assume the water villain is Hydro-Man, there is a more easy explanation for these villains.

They are The Elementals, a team of superpowered villains who each have control over one fundamental element of nature. We get a plain look at three of them in this trailer: Hellfire, Hydron, and Magnum. Their final member is Zephyr, who has control over the air and wind. However, given what we see next, it’s worth wondering if any of The Elementals are even in real.

Of course, the villain we’ve heard the most about in the press leading up to Spider-Man: Far From Home is Mysterio. Jake Gyllenhaal’s character is well known by Spider-Mans for his ability to manipulate people into thinking they are seeing things that aren’t really there.

But Gyllenhaal’s character already seems to be subverting our expectations, taking on the role of a hero fighting off The Elementals. Will he be just one of many Spider-Man villains who started off their career as good guys, only to make a third act heel turn? Or is Mysterio creating these monsters himself, to then be the hero that stops them?

As surprising as it may be, we might walk away from the Spider-Man: Far Frome Home trailer with more questions than answers: How is Peter now a cloud of dust? Why is his aunt fine with him flitting off to Europe months after he died? What’s the deal with Nick Fury? And why does Mysterio ever take off his awesome fish-bowl helmet?

Knowing how famously tight-lipped Marvel can be, don’t expect to get many answers to these questions before the film’s release on July 5. But feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook with your theories about what might be going on in the next Spider-Man adventure.

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