Every week at Nerd It Here First, we’ll be compiling a list of the biggest news and rumors of the week in the world of Star Wars. Be sure to tune into our Nerd It Here Weekly podcast, where our staff will discuss these topics in even more depth. This week’s roundup includes:

MAZ KANATA — “A good story for another time,” aka Episode IX?

Of the many frustrating elements of The Force Awakens, perhaps none take the cake quite like Maz Kanata, the small Yoda-esque creature who runs a cantina on the Endor-like planet of Takodana (remember how Episode VII took us to Tatooine, Hoth and Endor all in one movie? Pepperidge Farm remembers). While Kanata apparently has answers to seemingly every question the main characters — and, by extension, us in the audience — have, she keeps her cards close to the vest, choosing instead to save those answers for “another time.”

While conventional wisdom would dictate that the time for answers would be now, in The Last Jedi, a leak from Making Star Wars essentially says that we shouldn’t hold out breath:

“Maz apparently introduces the Resistance to DJ [the new character played by Academy Award-winner Benicio Del Toro]. She helps the Resistance by pointing them toward a “mysterious new ally”. Maz has been forced to become more mobile and take more of a role in the criminal underworld.”

So yes, Maz plays a more active role in The Last Jedi, and will likely at least point our heroes in the direction of Cantonica, where DJ resides. But in terms of clearing up old mysteries, it doesn’t seem like she’ll be too involved in that. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that certain mysteries won’t be cleared up by other characters — we already know that Rey’s parentage will be revealed in this film — but as far as getting first-hand knowledge of exactly what Maz knows about everyone, we probably won’t get much of that. 

FUNKO POPS — Collectors, prepare yourselves

More and more Funko Pop bobbleheads have been leaking in the lead-up to Force Friday. The two that I find the most interesting are these:

What’s interesting here is that Leia has apparently been demoted (or promoted?) back to Princess, rather than General. Also, as a Walmart exclusive, good luck finding one. If your store has it in stock, or has it out on shelves, and in a reasonable quantity, you’ve found a unicorn store and we’d love to know where you live. 

The other figure belongs to DJ, the aforementioned character being played by former-almost-Darth-Maul Benicio Del Toro. It’s a fairly routine-looking figure except for the Exclusive sticker — exclusive to who? And the sticker obscure’s the figure’s left hand, which is where he supposedly is wearing a black kyber crystal ring similar to the one worn by Snoke in certain images. 


Yahoo Movies released an exclusive image of Rey on Ahch-To, apparently taking a break from her Jedi training. It’s an unremarkable image, but it shows her with her staff as opposed to a lightsaber. Take that as you will.


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