Newest photos from on set of Star Wars Episode 8 have landed and were here to break them down for you. Up first we have:

Kicking off with our first good look at Supreme Leader Snoke. Many fans have speculated over the identity of our main antagonist with most of us settling on Darth Plagueis. We at nerd it here first would like to submit our own theory. Notice that scaring is particularly heavier above the left side of his face with deep wounds on the top of his head and under the left eye, not unlike this guy:

(Photo not from the set of Episode 8)


Yes the lore implications would be bonkers but if it is true you Nerd it Here First! Next on the list would be these guys:

The newest iteration of the royal guard we saw standing by Emperor Palpatine, and not doing much else, have received a major rework. Wielding bladed weapons most probably designed to fight light sabers and sporting hard shell armor it is safe to assume we will see more light saber on non-light saber melee combat made famous by the Traitor Marine in The Force Awakens.

Further supporting the claim we may get to see more unique duels in The Last Jedi, Captain Phasma is pictured here using her own melee weapon matching her signature armor. Who she is fighting is unclear, but we are hopeful to see more from her than what we received in Episode 7.

With both of his hands…probably


Kylo Ren is back with a scar he received while fighting Rey on Starkiller base. We know he has reported back to Snoke for training and little else at this point. What is clear is that hes back, hes mad, and he has the best designed light saber in the series.

Fn-2187 or Finn is obviously returning in Episode 8, and while this photo gives little more information than¬†he uses a blaster at some point,¬†Finn is seem wearing clothes similar to those worn by Luke Skywalker when we first saw him on Tatooine. Whether or not this means anything is anybody’s guess but it may give us clues as to the setting or Finn’s character arc.

Rey quickly became my favorite character in Star Wars right up until Darth Vader took the title back at the end of Rouge One. Seen here sporting the Jedi in training mullet made popular in the prequels, and showing what could be definite improvement in light saber combat. It’s safe to assume we all expect great things from Rey it the upcoming film and beyond.

Mark Hamill is back, and we could not be more excited for it. We were all excited for this return in The Force Awakens but now were really excited for it because we know he speaks. Seen here with a walking stick that looks more ornate than the one used by Yoda, it could be a nod to Empire Strikes Back, as the second film in the series also featured a wise can wielding Jedi.

Ultimately everything we have here is speculation, and we wont know the real story until Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi release in theaters December 15, but not knowing has never stopped any of us form getting excited about Star Wars.