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NIHW 85: Enola Holmes, Summer Movies, and Michael Keaton

This week on Nerd It Here Weekly, we talk Splash Mountain, Regal's reopening plan, and M.O.D.O.K. Plus, our favorite nerdy news stories from the last seven days.

NIHW 84: Pokemon Snap, DC Fandome, and PS5

This week on the podcast, we preview KFC's next-gen gaming console, check out the new Star Wars video game, and get spooked by Saint Maude's release date.

Sony Is About “Value” Not Money… | Nerd Numbers

Pokemon, the Playstation 5, and a preview for the Snyder Cut are this week's big Nerd Numbers.

NIHW 76: Pokemon, Parasite, and Universal Monsters

This week on the show: we discuss pro tips for trading your Pokemon, the best foreign-language films of the year, and the time Johnny...

04: Thank You Game Freak (you) Lied with Sonny

Should we be thanking Game Freak for everything they have created for us? Or should we be raging against the company for...

NIHW 73: Pokémon Leak, Overwatch, and The Streaming Wars

This week we talk about Batman casting, Google Stadia, and the ABC live presentation of The Little Mermaid.

03: Pokémon Leaks with NIHF.com’s Ryley

How does this keep happening? Game Freak has had huge leaks with almost every Pokémon game they have published in the past...

Complete Guide to November 2019

Awards season is ramping up. The holiday season is luring out some of the best games of the year. And the streaming wars are kicking off.

02: Silly Bits & Pokédramatization

Cut content from Alissa's interview of Tanner and a dramatic reading of a AllGamesProject.com blog post. 4 Games down in #YearOfPokemon and 30 to go! Music Credit to Goblins From Mars.

01: Year Of Pokémon Start

I (Tanner) had my wife Alissa interview me about my Year Of Pokémon project. She asks me why I am doing it, what I want to get out of it, what is the cutest Pokémon and other questions! Learn more at AllGamesProject.com and ask any questions you have on twitter @AllGamesProject

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