At Nerd It Here First headquarters, we’ve been receiving transmissions from another dimension. Believe it or not, we’ve been hearing from an Intern in the seventh dimension who has gained access to YouTube trailers. He’s been sending us his thoughts on them. And we feel it is our duty to publish these communications to the world. Unfortunately, he’s been too excited by our film advertisements to ever remember to send us his name. We just call him: Trailer Only Guy.

A while back I saw a magnificent little trailer by Warner Bros. Pictures and boy does the world love to hate Arthur, a struggling comedian or “Joker”. I mean he might be a pretty bland and quirky man, but that’s no reason for all these people to be hitting him so regularly.

It is no surprise that Arthur has pretty severe depression. Thankfully he is talking to a psychologist, because depression is serious stuff. Despite his efforts to follow his mother’s advice to keep putting on a smile people keep finding reasons to attack this man. I was pretty shocked when Arthur contemplated suicide and found the scene gripping. Suicide is never the answer, so he thankfully chooses differently.

The third act of the Trailer is filled with chaos as Arthur attempts to hide behind his career clown persona in order to find the true meaning to his mother’s words.  The end if inconclusive and I am filled with questions as to what this mentally fragile man will do next. I’m not even sure he knows what he is looking for. I worry he is like a dog chasing a car and he won’t know what to do once he finds out.

“Joker – Teaser Trailer” is an insane start to the duology and got me very excited for the story’s conclusion. 5/7

Luckily for me the sequel is here and as a new trailer aficionado I have to say it does not disappoint. “Joker – Final Trailer” immediately reminds us how much most people hate Arthur. Even his therapist is dumping him, and he is fed up with it.

Kids, this is what a breaking point looks like. Sometimes your mom is sick, your friends turn out to be bad friends, and you get a bad performance review at your dream job all within the same day. When something like this happens we have a choice to make, are we going to take the difficult route of rising above the pain and using it as fuel to make us better? Or, are we going to give up and take the easy and indulgent route?

Unfortunately, this trailer is not a story of redemption and Arther chooses the second route. He begins to more fully embrace his clown persona and for a while it seems to work out for him: He gets the girl, gains somewhat of a cult fan following, and even takes the time to dance (although I feel that scene would have been more impactful had he danced at night in the pale moonlight).

But eventually the chaos of Arthur’s choice catches up with him and he is assaulted while preparing for a gig and the ambulance gets in an accident on the way to the hospital. With his bitterness towards the world renewed he entices his frenzy of fans to riot and riot frequently. This trailer’s commentary on the dangers of idols is both captivating and terrifying! Despite the world around him continuing to burn down Arthur, or “Joker” as he begins calling himself, continues to see the fame he has long yearned for.

The artists behind this trailer have created a masterpiece, primarily because they are not afraid to ask their audience, “Is your adoration of Stars actually good for you or is it only good for them?” 7/7

This trailer duology is pretty good. The questions these two trailers ask of viewers are poignant and difficult. They are the types of questions that require serious introspection and meditation.

Regardless of the questions asked, these were gripping and exciting pieces of art! I have not seen many of these trailer things yet, but if they are all of such a high quality I have much to look forward to!

Overall I have to to give this Duology a combined score of 6 out of 7 dimensions. Clearly a must watch!