The Punisher is Coming

"He's coming to collect."

Fans of the Netflix’s MCU content were got a flurry of information this week on The Punisher Twitter feed.

The Punisher Teaser Trailer

Marvel posted a short 38-second video to the page highlighted potential characters, ending of course on Jon Bernthal’s Punisher. Marvel has redacted all of the official release date information, though we do know it will be sometime in 2017. Also of note,  a series of codes were posted to the account as well.

Episode Titles for The Punisher Series

Eagle eye followers of the twitter page would have seen 13 tweets from the account in Morse code. When translated these reveal the 13 episode titles we get to look forward too. Unlike the trailer when translated these give us interesting clues as to what we may expect from the season. Episode 3 for instance “Kandahar” is a city in Afghanistan that was mentioned before in Daredevil Season 2, and was Frank’s home during the war. This particular title, along with several other military jargon terms as titles (Front Towards Enemy, Danger Close) suggest we will see a lot of service days from the Punisher before the death of his family.

Ultimately what we pull from these titles is just speculation, but all fit the theme of a complete bad ass, who isn’t afraid to permanently remove his villains, unlike some heroes…

What’s black and red and lame all over?

We’ll go ahead and post the complete episode titles down at the bottom, feel free to look them over and come up with your theories!

1: “3 AM”
2: “Two Dead Men”
3: “Kandahar”
4: “Resupply”
5: “Gunner”
6: “The Judas Goat”
7: “Crosshairs”
8: “Cold Steel”
9: “Front Toward Enemy”
10: “Virtue of the Vicious”
11: “Danger Close”
12: “Home”
13: “Memento Mori”