We are all excited to see the Nintendo Switch launch tomorrow on March 3rd. Whether or not you pre-ordered the switch, are trying to be one of the lucky few who picks it up in store tomorrow, are waiting for the next shipment to come in to buy one, or are waiting for Splatoon 2 (read as Spla2n) to drop before you get it yourself, there is no denying the general excitement surrounding the Switch and the new styles of play it has to offer. I personally am most excited to get a Switch so I can take it out into the wild and play home console games anywhere. That excitement got me thinking though, where would be some good places to play the Switch? Which led me to realize there are definitely also some places and times to not play the Switch. So, here are my Dos and Don’ts of when and where to play the Nintendo Switch.

Do play on the John

We all play on our phones while using the restroom; I may or may not have written part of this article on a toilet. The Game Boy and its Dual Screen relatives likely consider the restroom their second home. So please take the Switch with you when you go. Don’t let the calling of nature ever interrupt your gaming experience again.

Don’t play in the shower

I feel like this should go without saying. Water and electronics don’t mix. If the Switch was water proof Nintendo would’ve told us by now, so you better not believe any article that says it is. The people that write those just want you to be out $300+. Baths may be a little more tempting to attempt, but that is also a bad idea. Keep it away from the tub.

Do play on the train

I commute on the DC metro every morning and I dream that within a few months it will be easy to get on the train each morning with the opportunity to play some Switch games locally with other players. At the very least I hope to sit by someone who will be willing to take a Joy-Con and join in on my fun!

Don’t play on a Roller Coaster

Last summer I went to Hersey Park and was awestruck by how many people were playing Pokemon GO at the amusement park. Some people even played while riding the coasters. Don’t try that with a Switch. Since the alternative is leaving the $300 machine beside the roller coaster while you ride, maybe it is best to leave it safe in the dock at home instead.

Do play on long car trips

I am excited to sit in the backseat and play Mario Kart while someone else drives. Since I am the usual driver in my family this may never happen, but I can dream. At the very least I am bound to be on a bus going somewhere someday and then I will play Mario Kart while someone else does the real driving.

Don’t play while driving

It is bound to happen. The mobility of this game will eventually be too much for some drivers to resist, and that will probably end poorly and in a terrible fashion. I beg everyone of you reading this article, “Don’t be that person.” And remember: friends don’t let friends Switch and drive.

Do play during your lunch break

Work and school can be stressful, so it will be great on the especially stressful days to grab a coworker and play some Arms while on your lunch break to unwind. Playing after work or class before beginning a potentially stressful commute will also be fantastic. If the Switch’s ads taught me anything this will also help you make new friends!

Don’t play on the job

If you take your Switch to work, you are gonna want to play on the job. The same applies in the classroom. You may even have coworkers try to get you to play so they can. Do not give in to the temptation or the peer pressure. Unless you want to get fired, in which case go right ahead and cut of the source of income that got you a Switch in the first place.

Do play at the park

In the Switch’s initial launch trailer it was awesome watching the man in the opening sequence take Zelda out of the dock and then continuing to play while he let his dog run free in the park, wreaking havoc and pooping everywhere without anyone paying enough attention to clean it up. Joking aside the park is the perfect place to play in the sun.

Don’t play on a hike

Playing Breath of the Wild might spark your real world adventuring spirit, encouraging you to get outside and scale some real mountains! You should definitely do this. Just don’t take your Switch with you. If you were inspired by Link you might be scrambling over boulders and at high heights, which is begging for a dropped or scratched system.

Do play on an airplane

The Switch is designed for airplane play. Super Mario Odyssey sees our mustachioed friend flying around in a hat shaped machine and you can play that game (when it is eventually releases)  while you fly around in a plane shaped machine. Video games make time fly by and will make long flights a lot less painful.

Don’t play on a boat

Water is still a no go, so why would you flirt with disaster and play the Switch while floating around surrounded by water. I guess there are boats big enough that you really shouldn’t be too concerned, cruise ships for example, but that’s the exception not the rule. As a general rule if you can feel the water spray keep the Switch on shore.

Do play in the sun

Get outside, crank up the screen’s brightness, and soak in the vitamin D! If the Switch really takes off maybe people will stop associating gaming with pale skin. Also, what better way to show off your Switch than when you are out and about where people can see you play and think, “Hey, that looks fun. I should buy one so I can play anywhere too!”

Don’t play in the rain

I have done this with my phone, and I have even done this with my 2DS, but I really don’t think it is worth doing with the Switch. Looking at the machine there are so many openings on it for rain drops to sneak in and mess up the hardware. I doubt rain damage will be covered in most warranties either, that would fall under the “Duh! clause.

Do play while waiting in lines

If you like to get new tech, like the Switch, at launch or really like to go to midnight screenings of movies, like Logan, the Nintendo Switch is your new best friend. With the Switch you and your line waiting friends could blow each other to Kingdom Come in Super Bomberman R, having a blast instead of running out of things to talk about.

Don’t play when others can’t

Don’t be a jerk. If you are around people you care about don’t drop a single player adventure into your Switch. If you only brought your Pro Controller and can’t share a Joy-Con around don’t play. The Switch is perfect for sharing with others so don’t use it to ignore your friends. If they want to talk and hang out, turn it off and be present with them.

There you have it! Our Dos and Don’ts of where and when to play the Switch. Where are you most looking forward to playing the Nintendo Switch?

We’ll be back next week with a full review of the Nintendo Switch, plus all sorts of thoughts on the games. Until then, follow our quest to get and play one on Twitter @NerdItHereFirst. And let us know where you’re most excited to play the Switch in the comments below!